(Amersfoort, 1982 – 1984)

Started in May 1982 and started to put out a compilation with 3 bands from hometown Amersfoort. The name is sort of a parody on christian bullshit talking about hope (Er Is Hoop = There Is Hope) but also there is hope for punk and especially hardcorepunk. The third tape is a partnership with Chaotic Tapes from Soest. The three Holland Hardcore tapes were released on 12” vinyl by Abuse Records in Belgium in 2006 without the booklet. Under the banner Er Is Hoop Records, they also co-released the Lärm/Stanx LP in 1984. They will later do Definite Choice fanzine, Definite Choice Records and Definite Choice Video) The label was run by members in Lärm.

EO-1 – 1982 – Various – Van U Wil Ik Zingen TAPE (The Puke, The Asperity’s, Total Chaoz)
EO-2 – 1982 – Last Warning – Last Warning 81 TAPE
EO-3 – 1982 – Various – Gooise Punk TAPE (Trashbagz, D.D.T., Survival Squad)
EO-4 – 1982 – Destructors – Live + Demos TAPE
EO-5 – 1983 – Various – Finland Hardcore TAPE (Riistetyt, Bastards, Terveet Kädet)
EO-6 – 1983 – Various – Holland Hardcore TAPE (Squits, Vikings, Zmiv, Stanx, Zweetkutten, Glorious Death, Lärm, Knåx, La Résistance)
EO-7 – 1984 – Various – Holland Hardcore 2nd Attack TAPE (Pandemonium, Indirekt, Funeral Oration, C.K.N., Sesamzaad, Bloedbad, Asperity’s)
EO-8 – 1984 – Various – Holland Hardcore III The Invasion TAPE (Gepøpel, Puinhoop, Laitz, M.O.G., Chlorix, Echte Boter GVD, Oigasm, A.Relaxt)

1982 – De Nieuwe Koekrand 59
1983 – De Melkboer Strikes Back 2