Bands: Trashbagz / Survival Squad / D.D.T.
Title: Gooise Punk
LabelEr Is Hoop Tapes
Year: 1982
Source And Scan: Marc Heindrijckx
Comment: This is a co-release because it was also released with only Trashbagz and Survival Squad by Chaotic Tapes / D.D.T. stands for Destructive Dirty Trix / Survival Squad has Menno as vocalist who will later sing for Lärm /
A01. M.E. Comes
A02. Fools
A03. No Speed
A04. Dictators
A05. Boring
A06. Fuck The Army
A07. Dance The Nuclear War
A08. Elvis Is Dead
A09. Wilhelmus
A10. Queen
A11. Destroy Fascism
A12. Accidents
A13. Fascists
A14. Thatcher
A15. Punk Ain’t Dead
B01. Sunday Fools
B02. Kill The Cops
B03. Deutschland
B04. Passive Punx
B05. Money
B06. Anarchy & Total Chaos
B07. Ronald Reagen Sucks
B08. Jesus Komt
B09. Nonsens
B10. Belfast
B11. Holland
B12. Fashion Punx
B13. D.D.T.
B14. Koffie, Koffie
B15. Tommy Guns
B16. Wiegel “Live”

The Chaotic Tapes release