(Amersfoort, 1986 – 1988)

Born from the ashes of Suicidal Fanzine comes Definite Choice fanzine done by the people of Lärm (also see their Er Is Hoop Tapes). The van den Berg brothers start filming concerts in their own squat, The Kippenhok with one of those early big videocamera’s. The VHS videolabel is started soon after.

1986 – Definite Choice Video Party 1 (w/Hysteria, S.C.A., Concrete Sox, Störaction, B.G.K., Laitz, Tension, Lärm, Deadlock, Negazione, Pandemonium, Second Siberia, Everything Falls Apart, Scream)
1987 – Definite Choice Video Party 2 (w/Funeral Oration, Manimal, MBP, Loud Warning, Gøtefix, Government Issue, B.T.D., W.C.F., Heresy, Kina, Heibel, Skeezicks, Royal Vomit)
1987 – Definite Choice Video Party 3 (w/M.D.C, Chumbawamba, Chaos UK, S.C.A., Attitude, So Much Hate, Laitz, Social Unrest, God, Stupids, Heresy, Rhythm Pigs, Inhuman Conditions, Neuroot, Minor Threat, Ignition)

Definite Choice 1-7 (1986-1988)

1987 – Lärm – Nothing Is Hard In This World If You Dare To Scale The Heights 7″ EP

(© Olav van den Berg)