(2013 – 2018)

Meaning Bandname: Dorst! (exclamation mark is VITAL) meaning (quench my) Thirst (for alcohol)!

Bio: On the remains of Mad Idea drummer Sjakie and bassist Bert teamed up with guitarist Harry and vocalist Roel (Rat Patrol) to carry on the spirit of better stealing cool punksongs from the past than creating terrible new ones. With a range of favorite punkbands & songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s as a result. Roel left the band quite early and Sjakie took over the vocals. Starting point was the brewers year of 2013. By the end of 2015 Oene joined on 2nd guitar and Dorst! kept on playing concerts, expanding the setlist and recorded 13 anthems in the Viadukt studio by Arnout in the beginning of 2017. Later that year Oene left the band to start playing chainsaw instead of guitars and after the release of the CD ‘De kater komt later’ the other 3 remaining members called it quits somewhere in 2018…

Lyrics: all songs are in Dutch and express the love, lust and need for plus the fun with and consequences of consuming alcoholic beverages.

Description: 70’s – 90’s American and English punk & hardcore in a 00’s jacket.

Oene Brandsma – 2nd guitar (2015-2017)
Bert Martens aka Overlast – vocals & bass
Sjakie aka Sharky aka Richard aka Sjakie Tesselaar – vocals & drums
Harry Hommes – guitar

Roelof Oldenburger aka Roelsel – vocals (2013-2013)

Other bands:
Oene Brandsma – Chronicore, Bloodcrust, Yphobia, PCP, Joyce No Spang, Mindføk, Mad Idea, Fleas And Lice
Bert Martens – Legal Axion, Teenage Warning, Kotton Krown, Bored!, Reality 79, Mad Idea, New Reality, Extreme Overlast
Sjakie – Pislarven, Dislect, Føkdis, Fermented, Los Asesinos De La Superficialidad, Mad Idea, Mindføk, Two Two 79, Mad Engine, Mad Wizard, Night Of The Rhino
Harry Hommes – Tween 80, Extreme Overlast
Roelof Oldenburger – Deluxe Green, Rat Patrol

2018 – De Kater Komt Later CDr (Selfreleased, NL)

Concerts: (assorted)
2015.01.22 Simplon, Groningen (+ Abdomen Up)
2015.03.01 Mukkes, Leeuwarden (+ Dead Neck)
2015.04.03 De Groote Weiver, Krommenie
2015.04.11 Bambara, Groningen (+ Inner Terrestrials)
2015.04.15 J.C. Innocent, Hengelo (+ Dornata, Betonrot)
2015.04.25 De Trawant, Lauwersoog
2015.04.26 The Minds, Amsterdam
2015.04.27 NDSM, Amsterdam (+ Teenage Tits)
2015.04.27 Groningen
2015.05.01 Gideon, Groningen (+ Ugah? Wugah!, U.S.B., Two Two 79, Eastgate Crashers)
2015.08.28 Café De Knarie, Groningen (+ Oes, Narrig, Grinner, Free B, Black Sheriff)
2015.10.24 Osloweg, Groningen (+ Bandits, Cosmo, Bivak En De Mutsjes, Team Wasted, Noodweer, Exilent) (Oslovest #1)
2015.10.27 Pino, Groningen (+ Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man)

2016.01.17 Café De Zolder, Groningen (+ Mc Scallywag)
2016.02.12 Pino, Groningen (+ De Introns, Elusive Disorder, Out Of Order)
2016.04.30 The Minds, Amsterdam (+ more)
2016.05.27 Pino, Groningen (+ Two Two 79, 10 To Go, Mc Scallywag, King For A Day)
2016.05.28 The Morgue, Leeuwarden (+ Two Two 79, 10 To Go, No-ID, Pantah)
2016.08.20 Gideon, Groningen (+ Teenage Tits)
2016.10.29 Pino, Groningen (+ Vera’s Charm, Picuña, Out Of Order, Shoe Eating Rabbits, Cistem Failure, De Fuckups, Shitfaced Mermaids, Sick On Vacation, Aggravation, The Mudd, Phoenatix, Komplex)

2017.04.26 Clouso, Meppel (+ Battlehooch, Tarantino)
2017.11.12 Bambara, Groningen (+ System Bastard, Coitus)