(1993 – 1994)

Bio: In between bands (Chronicore and Fleas And Lice), Oene starts Bloodcrust. The demo is recorded in the rehearsalroom in Het Viadukt on several occassions on 10.12.1993 until 18.03.1994.

Description: Hardcorepunk


Oene Brandsma – guitar
Rinze Rinzema – guitar
Rob Douwstra – bass
Drummachine (1993–1994)

Bas Bloemen – drums (1993-1993)

Other bands:
Oene Brandsma – Chronicore, Yphobia, PCP, Joyce No Spang, Mindføk, Mad Idea, Dorst!, Fleas And Lice
Rinze Rinzema – Ampachen, De Sade & His Dancing Dildo’s, Hophead, Vortex, Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke
Rob Douwstra – Chronicore, PCP, Yphobia
Bas Bloemen – Mindføk, Joyce No Spang, Yphobia, Dabba Roots

1994 – The Yellowbird Files demo (Selfreleased, promo, NL)