(1984 – 1989)

Meaning Bandname: The name Deluxe Green comes from a song of the british band Alternative TV, in which they use the term “Graves in deluxe green”.

Bio: From Hoogezand. Were called Anthrax but change the bandname because there are too many other bands with that name. Plays only own songs and is mostly active in the Hoogezand region and surroundings with the motto: “gigging is possible but not required”. In 1989 the band stops and Jansel goes to Rat Patrol playing the bassguitar, which was started a half year earlier by Roelsel, Henk and Pieter.

Lyrics: Critical of society: anti-war, police violence, fascism. But also about the daily problems of a highschoolkid: boredom, booze, love, hate and the absurdity of daily life.

Description: Punk

Roelof Oldenburger aka Roelsel – vocals
Onno – guitar
Johnsol – drums
Jan Plenter aka Jansel – bass, vocals

Arnold Heikamp – bass (1979-1981: as Anthrax)

Other bands:
Roelof Oldenburger – Rat Patrol, Anthrax
Jan Plenter – Rat Patrol, Anthrax
Onno – Anthrax
Johnsol – Anthrax

1988 – Act Your Age demo (Selfreleased, NL)
2002 – 1978-1988 CDr (Selfreleased, NL)

1985 – Wrakvee 4

Concerts: (assorted)
1985.03.02 De Nije, Hoogezand (+ Nese Orkest, Typsy Spirit)
1985.08.17 De Nije, Hoogezand (+ 69 Forever, Rubicon)
1985.08.24 ZM Pop, Kropswolde

1986.06.13 De Nije, Hoogezand
1986.10.11 De Kwinne, Stadskanaal
1986.11.28 De Nije, Hoogezand (+ Boegies)

1987.06.13 De Oude Werf, Appingedam

1988.01.12 De Nije, Hoogezand
1988 Grand Prix Du Martini

1989.04.29 Krafla, Delfzijl (+ Rat Patrol)

Source: Jan Plenter