(1983 – 1984)

Meaning Bandname: Wordplay

Bio: Formed after playing the weekly open session in Simplon. Played some festivals in Simplon and did some support acts. At the Popburo opposite to the Simplon club they record a demo.

Dik Smid – guitar
Ricky Van Duuren – bass
Benno De Beer – vocals
Eric Poort – drums

Other bands:
Dik Smid – Dolly Dorst, Hockeyrockjes, Moonlizards, Thud!, Sid’s Overdose, Black Fag, Kempes, Stanza8, Indifferent Sun, Spooken, Mad Wizard, Røtzøløs, Rock And Roll Perverts, Evilcentric
Ricky Van Duuren – Sideburns, Nul-50, Boegies, Moonlizards, Henk En Het Huis, Buzz Aldrin, De Straaljagers, De Fuckups, My Friend Television, Heino & The Gillettes
Eric Poort – The Boobs, Roeg Toeg, Suburban, Splitsing, Blues United, Lou Leeuw Band, Herman Grimme Experience, Monsters From Outer Ska, Eddy & The Seventh Son, Skunks, Bob Sleigh And The Family Snow, Jammah Tammah, Himem, Killed In Action, Heino & The Gillettes, Piss Offs

1983 – The Madleys TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)
Recorded @ Popburo, Groningen

2020 – Ricky van Duuren Interview

Concerts: (assorted)
1983.12.27 Simplon, Groningen (+ Onrust B.V., Lol & Ellende, Crack Regiment, The Madleys, RebelYell, Hollands Glorie, Boegies, Outrageous)

1984.04.14 De Kwinne, Stadskanaal (+ Boegies)