(2021 – now)

Meaning Bandname: Invented by Stephen. Derived from the word egocentric.

Bio: Start without the name somewhere in the beginning of 2021 after some jamsessions. In 2022 the bandname is invented. Record a demo in the Viadukt in 2022.

Description: Post-hardcore Post-punk Retro-metal.

Dik Smid – guitar, vocals
Reinee Huizinga – drums
Stephen Robert Averill – bass & vocals

Other bands:
Dik Smid – Dolly Dorst, Hockeyrockjes, Moonlizards, Thud!, Sid’s Overdose, Black Fag, Kempes, Stanza8, Indifferent Sun, Spooken, Mad Wizard, The Madleys, Røtzøløs, Rock And Roll Perverts
Reinee Huizinga – Uhgah? Wugah!, Karbo, Killteam, Moan, Swerve
Stephen Averill – Mad Wizard, Kill Mondays, Pilgrim Fathers, Damnation Angels, 3 Stages Of Pain

2022 – demo (Unreleased)
Recorded @ Viadukt, Groningen 14.08.2022 by Joost Dijkema

2022.08.20 Gideon, Groningen (Sjakiefest)
2022.09.16 Conlan’s Pub, Booleigh IRE (+ Burning Realm, Captain Moonlight, Audible Joe’s, The Objectorz, Frontsector, The Nilz, The Hacklers) (GGI Festival)
2022.10.07 De Zolder, Groningen (+ Black Sheriff)

2023.01.21 O.R.K.Z., Groningen (+ Jonesey, Rat Patrol, Two Two 79, Mean Machine, Unploppet)
2023.02.09 Simplon Bovenbar, Groningen (+ Kletus)
2023.02.15 Warhol, Groningen (+ Chief of Smoke)
2023.05.21 Viadukt, Groningen (+ Parallax Smile) (remembrance Maynard)

Source: Dik Smid

@ Gideon, Groningen 20.08.2022