(1999 – 2000)

Bio: After the breakup of Moonlizards in 1995, Jurgen and Dik decide to start a new band some years later and ask Petur, Jacob and Tom to join. They change some members and name in 2000 into Kempes.

Description: Punkrock


Dik Smid – guitar
Martin de Ruiter – drums (2000-2000)
Jurgen Veenstra – vocals
Jacob Veenstra – guitar
Peter de Boer – bass

Thomas de Jager – drums (1999–2000)

Other bands:
Dik Smid – Dolly Dorst, Hockeyrockjes, Moonlizards, Thud!, Sid’s Overdose, Kempes, Stanza8, Indifferent Sun, Spooken, Mad Wizard, The Madleys, Røtzøløs, Rock And Roll Perverts, Evilcentric
Martin de Ruiter – Gravediggers, Blue Band, Kempes, T-99, The Hot Pockets, The Wild Berrys, The Drugs
Jurgen Veenstra – Moonlizards, Kempes, Sid’s Overdose, Thud!, Avery Plains, Bob Sleigh And The Family Snow, Chuck Stars, Erectromorph, The Union Of Concerned Mothers, Moan
Jacob Veenstra – The Serenes, Simmer
Peter de Boer – Skelter, Kempes, The Drugs, Bob Sleigh And The Family Snow, Helzaboppin’, Idi Amin’s Theater Van De Lach, Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke Band, Sandfly
Thomas de Jager – Thud!, Pear, Hophead, Whipster, The Serenes, Slide, Simmer, Avery Plains

1999 – demo (Released on CDr as Kempes)

2000.01.07 Vera, Groningen (Eurosonic)
2000.05.10 Vera, Groningen (+ New Bomb Turks)