(2017 – 2021)

Meaning Bandname: The bandname was just something that came up as a working title while looking for a real bandname

Bio: The powers of the cosmos just had their way to make us join forces. There’s no escape. When the band stops, Sjakie and Remco form Night Of The Rhino and Dik and Stephen continue with another band.

Lyrics: Lyrics are mainly about human behaviour. Of the wrong kind.

Description: Our style of music could be called Stonerpunkmetal. Or Madness.

Sjakie aka Sharky aka Richard aka Sjakie Tesselaar – drums
Dik Smid – guitar
Stephen Robert Averill – bass
Remco Den Ouden – vocals

Other bands:
Sjakie – Pislarven, Dislect, Føkdis, Fermented, Los Asesinos De La Superficialidad, Mad Idea, Mindføk, Two Two 79, Dorst!, Mad Engine, Night Of The Rhino
Dik Smid – Dolly Dorst, Hockeyrockjes, Moonlizards, Thud!, Sid’s Overdose, Black Fag, Kempes, Stanza8, Indifferent Sun, Spooken, The Madleys, Røtzøløs, Rock And Roll Perverts, Evilcentric
Stephen Robert Averill – Pilgrim Fathers, Kill Mondays, Evilcentric, Damnation Angels, 3 Stages Of Pain
Remco den Ouden – Night Of The Rhino

2018.01.27 Vera, Groningen (+ Whipster, De Bossen, De Fuckups, The Rat, Weanietots, Modderhamer, Eric Geevers, Dead Moon Rising, Mein Freund Fernsehen, Garcia-Garcia, Chaostrophy, Molskin) (Fred Cole Tribute)

2019.07.19 Art Carnivale Fest, Steendam (+ Ku Sabor, The Cherees, De Stokers, Dabba Roots, Rude Radiation, Raw Medicine, Magnetic Spacemen)
2019.08.10 Wedderheide Fest, Wedde (+ more)
2019.09.29 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow UK (+ Fleas And Lice, Tonic All-Stars, Ramrod, Social Insecurity, Skyhooks, Cutting A Rug, Intrusive Thoughts)
2019.11.30 O.R.K.Z., Groningen ( + Verkrust, Exilent)

2020.01.16 Café De Zolder, Groningen (+ Electric Hydra, Philip Bradatsch)
2020.02.08 O.R.K.Z., Groningen (+ Unsu)