(2017 – now)

Meaning Bandname: The bandname was just something that came up as a working title while looking for a real bandname

Bio: The powers of the cosmos just had their way to make us join forces. There’s no escape.

Lyrics: Lyrics are mainly about human behaviour. Of the wrong kind.

Description: Our style of music could be called Stonerpunkmetal. Or Madness.

Sjakie aka Sharky aka Richard aka Sjakie Tesselaar – drums
Dik Smid – guitar
Stephen Robert Averill – bass
Remco Den Ouden – vocals

Other bands:
Sjakie – Pislarven, Dislect, Føkdis, Fermented, Los Asesinos De La Superficialidad, Mad Idea, Mindføk, Two Two 79, Dorst!, Mad Engine
Dik Smid – Dolly Dorst, Hockeyrockjes, Moonlizards, Thud!, Sid’s Overdose, Black Fag, Kempes, Stanza8, Indifferent Sun, Spooken, The Madleys, Røtzøløs, Rock And Roll Perverts
Stephen Robert Averill – Pilgrim Fathers

2018.01.27 Vera, Groningen (+ Whipster, De Bossen, De Fuckups, The Rat, Weanietots, Modderhamer, Eric Geevers, Dead Moon Rising, Mein Freund Fernsehen, Garcia-Garcia, Chaostrophy, Molskin) (Fred Cole Tribute)

2019.07.19 Art Carnivale Fest, Steendam (+ Ku Sabor, The Cherees, De Stokers, Dabba Roots, Rude Radiation, Raw Medicine, Magnetic Spacemen)
2019.08.10 Wedderheide Fest, Wedde (+ more)
2019.09.29 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow UK (+ Fleas And Lice, Tonic All-Stars, Ramrod, Social Insecurity, Skyhooks, Cutting A Rug, Intrusive Thoughts)
2019.11.30 O.R.K.Z., Groningen ( + Verkrust, Exilent)

2020.01.16 Café De Zolder, Groningen (+ Electric Hydra, Philip Bradatsch)
2020.02.08 O.R.K.Z., Groningen (+ Unsu)