(2007 – 2007)

Meaning Bandname: Name of the street where Arthur grew up.

Bio: Very shortlived project. Only recorded a demo in the sleepingchamber of Niek on a laptop with an electronic drumkit and never have done any concerts. The band more or less ends without really existing.

Description: Emo.

Bastiaan Sligter – bass
Niek Verweij – guitar
Arthur van ‘t Hoog – vocals
Maarten van der Werff – drums
Ramon – guitar

Other bands:
Bastiaan Sligter – Swinder, Ravens, Jetsetready, Straight A’s, The Helsinki Suicide, The Hunger, We Swim You Jump, Volchok, My Sister Harold, Blunt
Niek Verweij – We Swim You Jump, My Sister Harold, LGHTNG
Arthur van ‘t Hoog – Jetsetready
Maarten Van Der Werf – Brito, Cassady, Go! Revolution Go, Marat, Podgy, We Swim You Jump

2007 – demo (Unreleased, NL)

2008 – De Slag Van Groverpop 2008 CD (Platex Records, NL)

Source: Bastiaan Sligter