(2004 – 2006)

Bio: Early 2004. Put five enthusiast, driven, ambitious and punkrockloving musicians together, and what do you get? Melodic, fast and catchy punkrock, containing personal lyrics and real emotions. Very special about My Sister Harold is their female singer, which you don’t see very often in this genre. Their music is influenced by bands such as New Found Glory, Rufio, The Starting Line, The Ataris and many others. They give away great and convincing live shows, with a great live sound they have created in a very short period of one year! Because of their professionality, same interests and talent of all the bandmembers, things has started working out very fast for them. In 2006 they split up.

Description: Poppunk

Bastiaan Sligter – bass
Henk Jan Berkhof – drums
Niek – guitar
Ralph Van Brederode – guitar
Susanne Clermonts – vocals

Other bands:
Bastiaan Sligter – Swinder, Ravens, Jetsetready, Straight A’s, The Helsinki Suicide, The Hunger, We Swim You Jump, Volchok
Henk Jan Berkhof – Punktual
Niek – Journeyman Soundsystem, Cinnamon Beach
Ralph Van Brederode – Volchok, Coglioni Di Coniglio
Susanne Clermonts – Cassady, Krause

2004 – American Muscle, Baby! 6 song demo TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)

2005 – Planet Heartbreak Vol. 1 CDr (Stuck In A Day, NL)
2006 – De Slag Van Groverpop 2006 CD (Platex Records, NL)

2004.01.30 Popacademie, Leeuwarden (+ more)
2004.04.22 Simplon, Groningen (+ CDC, The Kickers and more) (Grover Popprijs)
2004.07.02 Ranchofest, Groningen (+ more)
2004.07.10 New Attraction, Groningen (+ The Kickers, Jetsetready and more)
2004.10.17 De Pluu, Winsum (+ Punktual)
2004.08.28 Vera Downstage, Groningen
2004.12.17 Colosseum, Groningen (+ Burn The Elite)
2004.12.23 Simplon, Groningen (+ Sellfish, Playroll)

2005.01.27 De Gloppe, Leeuwarden (+ Daybreak Thin Air, Go! Revolution Go!, Stars Overnight)
2005.02.24 Metropool, Hengelo (+ Wreckyard, Guaranteed Lifetime)
2005.03.25 Baroeg, Rotterdam (+ Left In The Middle, Gobsquad)
2005.04.23 O.J.C. Watjang, Oirlo (+ The Jux Junction, Laternpoll, Townsville, Maybee)
2005.03.06 De Gloppe, Leeuwarden (+ Cooper)
2005.09.03 Vera Downstage, Groningen (+ Lanternpoll)
2005.09.07 De Gloppe, Leeuwarden (+ Educational Chaos, Starfucker)
2005.09.23 De Kelder, Amersfoort (+ Varial, Impossible Situations)
2005.12.16 Iduna, Drachten (+ De Monotones, Dipsomania)

2006.02.04 Melkweg, Amsterdam (+ Fall Out Boy)
2006.02.18 Popfront, Zwolle (+ De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid)
2006.03.03 Het Podium, Hoogeveen (+ Antillectual, Smash The Statues, Straight A’s)
2006.03.16 Simplon, Groningen (+ Destroi, Pinheadz, The Four PM Station, Unit RC 867, The Niggers, Crack Of Dawn, Tricks Of Shade, Jan Peter Politier Rock, Bend, Gezeik, Why Not)
2006.04.21 Iduna, Drachten (+ Pinheadz, I Against I, Bambix)
2006.04.28 Ojeesee, Hardenberg (+ 10 Seconds Down)
2006.05.05 Oosterparkfestival, Amsterdam