(2008 – 2012)

Meaning bandname: Ravens is a song by a band.

Bio: More or less a continuation of Marat. Wouter Kroon gets replaced with Joop Suelman in 2008. He and Bas Schröder composes most of the songs. The first demo is recorded in the studio of JB Van Der Wal in Friesland. The second demo is recorded in Zwolle by Matthijs Herder on 10 April 2010 (drums) and studio Sharkee in Amsterdam in may 2010 (guitars and bass). This last one is the studio of the Real Danger guitarplayer. When Ravens split up, Bas, Daniël and Bastiaan start Swinder.

Lyrics: Autobiografical

Description: Catchy pop songs disguised through raw singing and frantic guitars in the vein of Hot Water Music, The Get Up Kids and Rival Schools.

Daniël de Jong – drums
Bas Schröder – vocals and guitar
Joop Suelmann – guitar (2008-2012)
Bastiaan Sligter – bass (2012-2012)

Nico Guyt – bass (2011-2012)
Wouter Bakker – bass (2008-2011)
Wouter Kroon – guitar (2008-2008)

Other bands:
Daniël de Jong – Abort-Us, Five Fingers Left, Revolt, The Last Mile, The Architect, Miscreants, Swinder, Pemmikan, Ducktape, Chaos Engine
Wouter Bakker – Revolt, The Last Mile, The Architect, Miscreants, Marat, Ducktape
Bas Schröder – Go! Revolution Go, The Helsinki Suicide, Jetsetready, Marat, North To The Night, Swinder, Podgy, We Swim You Jump
Joop Suelmann – Cease Assistance, Instil, Darkwaterscam
Nico Guyt – The Hunger, Omission, Rush’n Attack, Herder
Bastiaan Sligter – Swinder, Jetsetready, Straight A’s, The Helsinki Suicide, The Hunger, We Swim You Jump, Volchok, Valgeweg, Blunt
Wouter Kroon – The Architect, Miscreant, Lghtnng, Jimmy Barock

2009 – 2 song demo (Unreleased)
2009 – Resurrection rehearsaldemo (Unreleased)
2010 – 6 song demo (Unreleased)

Concerts: (assorted)
2008.11.29 Vera Downstage, Groningen (+ Ember)

2009.04.15 Shadrak, Groningen (+ Dartz!, The Walt)
2009.04.29 Willemeen, Arnhem (Bridge And Tunnel, Midnight Menace)
2009.09.03 Vera, Groningen (+ Riverboat Gamblers)
2009.09.09 O.R.K.Z., Groningen (+ Cloak/Dagger)
2009.09.10 Sub071, Leiden (+ Sweet Empire)
2009.09.11 Café Nova, Essen GER (+ Shark Soup, The Static Age, Cloak/Dagger)
2009.09.12 Popei, Eindhoven (+ Noyalty)
2009.09.13 ACU, Utrecht (+ Zann, Mouthbreather, Cloak/Dagger)
2009.09.20 Cul Du Sac, Tilburg (Incubate Festival)
2009.12.05 Vera, Groningen
2009.12.24 Clouso, Meppel (+ Smash The Statues, The Arrangement, The Hunger, Antillectual, Omission)

2010.01.14 De Zolder, Groningen (+ Mad Engine, The Phrases)
2010.01.29 Watt, Rotterdam (+ Face Tomorrow)
2010.03.13 Vera Downstage, Groningen (+ John Coffey)
2010.03.20 J.U.Z., Papenburg GER (+ Red Out, Diary Of A Fanatic)
2010.04.17 O.J.C. Watjang, Oirle (+ more)
2010.04.29 Clouso, Meppel (+ Bridge & Tunnel, Young Livers)
2010.05.05 Bevrijdingsfestival, Groningen (+ more)
2010.05.15 Villa 29, Barneveld (+ John Coffey, Schotel Van De Dag)
2010.05.16 Café De Zaak, Lichtenvoorde (+ Monomania, This System Shines)
2010.06.05 Gideon, Groningen (A Rocket Ride To Gideon Fest)
2010.06.22 Oosterpoort, Groningen (+ Billy Talent)
2010.06.23 Melkweg, Amsterdam (+ Billy Talent)
2010.08.05 Meppel (+ Antillectual, Bivouac)
2010.09.18 De Bijstand, Nijmegen
2010.10.24 Little Devil, Tilburg (+ The Fake Boys)
2010.11.05 ACU, Utrecht (+ The Real Danger, Break Character)

2011.10.13 Platformtheater, Groningen (+ Helsinki Seven)

2012.04.19 Simplon, Groningen (+ Dead Beat, Nom De Plume)
2012.05.03 Onderbroek, Nijmegen (+ Crazy Arm)

Interview Fart 2010