(1999 – 2002)

Meaning bandname: Just a random last name which sounds kinda cool.

Bio: In autumn 1999 vocalist Susanne Clermonts and bassplayer Tom Sjonger start a punkband called Plakband. After a couple of memberchanges, guitarplayer Wouter and drummer Erwin gets added in spring 2000 and the name changes into Cassady. Things get serious when Cassady enters a local band competition, Pop Up, one year later. They are amazed they win that one. That means they get to the next round, Grote Prijs van Groningen. And they win again.
Next they enter the national semi-finals of Grote Prijs van Nederland in September 2001, where they play at the kick ass Vera Club in hometown Groningen, and get through to the national finals. The finals tak place at the Melkweg in Amsterdam in November and they play one of their best shows ever. Susanne receives an award for Best Musician. In june 2001 they record their first demo with 6 songs and get some media attention because of a cover of The Carpenters (“Top Of The World”). In october another demo is recorded in the Square Wave Studio in Groningen. In December 2002 the band splits up due to personal differences. 

Lyrics: The songs are written by Susanne Clermonts. Except for the lyrics of “Twenty Second Break”, written by Erwin Jaeggi. The songs are about broken hearts and love sickness.

Description: Poppunk like New Found Glory, The Ataris or Blink 182.

Erwin Jaeggi – drums
Maarten van der Werf – bass (2000-2002)
Susanne Clermonts – vocals, guitar
Wouter Nip – guitar

Tom Sjonger – bass (1999-2000)

Other bands:
Erwin Jaeggi – Long Way Down
Maarten van der Werf – Brito, Go! Revolution Go, Marat, Podgy, We Swim You Jump
Susanne Clermonts – My Sister Harold, Krause

2001 – My Little Pilot demo (Selfreleased, NL)
2001 – Hit The Lights Ugly demo (Selfreleased, NL)

2001 – Grote Prijs Van Nederland 2001 CD/02 Pop/Rock CD (Vitaminic, NL)