(1981 – 1982)

Meaning Bandname: Pretty good description of the noise we made. Also the other bands we practiced with at the B.A.M. never understood the noise and chaos coming out of our practice space hahaha. Total Chaoz was the perfect name for us, deliberate with a Z because we knew there were a few punkbands around called Total Chaos at that time.

Bio: Follow-up to Disturbers. Jos switched to bass guitar and Berletta and Dorien took care of the vocals. Paul did some backing vocals and also the song ‘Sick of you’ (dedicated to our former bass player). Although we still couldn’t tune our instruments (sounds ridiculous, but we really didn’t know about these musical things until much later) Total Chaoz was the first band with a steady lineup and where everything did seem to fall on its place. We practiced on a regular base and everyone seemed to enjoy it. In no time we had a setlist of some pretty decent songs. We finally got the hang of it. At this time we also found out there were more punkbands rehearsing at the B.A.M. practise space and again through graffitti, we started to make contact. Both the Puke and the Asperitys were not strictly from Amersfoort. members were from surrounding villages like Soest and Leusden too, but it was good to know that we were not the only punkband in town anymore. To celebrate the fact that we now had a local punkscene with 3 punkbands but no label or whatsoever to release our music, we started our own tape label ‘Er Is Hoop’ tapes. The first D.I.Y. project in Amersfoort. With 3 tapedecks (one master tapedeck coupled to two tapedecks with each 2 Hema microphones we basically tried to copy a 4 track recording) we recorded all 3 bands in the B.A.M. practicespace. Those recordings would become the “ Van u wil ik zingen” compilation tape, the first one on ‘Er Is Hoop’ tapes. It contained 8 Total Chaoz tracks. 5 of these songs were in Dutch! Thanks to this tape the sounds of Total Chaoz were spreading outside of Amersfoort and the surrounding area. The tape sold pretty good and it got picked up in the tape-trade scene (Paul was very active in that scene and pushed the tape). Also some fanzines picked it up and we even got a review in Maximum Rock’n’Roll fanzine from the USA. Things got serious hahaha.

Description: Rudimentary and pretty fast out-of-tune punk.

Dorien – vocals
Berletta – vocals
Jos Houtveen – bass
Paul van den Berg – guitar
Olav van den Berg – drums

Other bands:
Jos Houtveen – The Sextons, Disturbers, Razzias, Lärm, A.M.K.A., Millions Of Dead Billy Milanos, Seein’Red, Lärm As Fuck, Orwell Nation, Kriegstanz, Staathaat.
Paul van den Berg – The Sextons, Razzias, Disturbers, Lärm, A.M.K.A., Seein’Red, Lärm As Fuck, Profound, Colt Turkey, Manliftingbanner, Marxbros.
Olav van den Berg – The Sextons, Razzias, Disturbers, Lärm, A.M.K.A., Seein’Red, Lärm As Fuck, Profound, Colt Turkey, Manliftingbanner, Marxbros, Bughouse.
Dorien – Lärm, Razzias, Disturbers

1982 – Various – Van U Wil Ik Zingen TAPE (Er Is Hoop Tapes, NL)

1981 – rehearsal

Source: Paul van den Berg