(1981 – 1982)

Bio: From Amersfoor/Woudenbergt and formed by Edwin in March 1981. Influenced by Total Chaoz (which became Lärm) and recorded in the rehearsalroom in B.A.M. (Bond Amersfoortse Musici) in Amersfoort for the Voor U Wil Ik Zingen tape which came out at the end of June 1982. The Puke was a schoolband of alternative people who were beginning musicians on a christian school. Just before the first concert Edwin suffered a back injury and got replaced by Janette.

Description: Mix of punk and some ska. They also used the term new wave because punk scares too many people.

Michael Schaap aka Mike – vocals
Reinout Schellingerhout aka Muppet – guitar & vocals
Robert Teune – guitar (bass on the first concert)
Peter van ’t Riet aka Pidi – drums
Janette Luichies – bass & vocals

Edwin van Andel – bass (1981-1981)

Other bands:
Edwin van Andel – Asperity’s, AIDS Team, Safety In Numbers, Saddle Sniffers, Lash

1982 – Van U Wil Ik Zingen TAPE (Er Is Hoop Tapes, NL)
Recorded @ B.A.M., Amersfoort 1982 by Paul & Olav

1981.11.20 Corderius College, Amersfoort (+ The Maynt)

1982.03.19 Verenigingsgebouw, Woudenberg (Vredesdag)
1982.04.21 Verenigingsgebouw, Woudenberg
1982.05.28 Verenigingsgebouw, Woudenberg (PvdA Avond)
1982.06.25 Villa Meerwegen, Amersfoort (+ Asperitys)
1982.07.02 Politiek Centrum, Amersfoort
1982.07.06 Corderius College, Amersfoort (+ Vistix)

Source: Peter van ’t Riet