(Haarlem, 1979 – 1987)

Meaning Bandname: From the B-side of the Stranglehold 7” EP by the U.K. Subs. Someone thought that the songs “World War” and “Rockers” combined was a great bandname.

Bio: Start a band because everyone does it. After a bunch of memberchanges, the band starts playing punk influenced by Undertones, U.K. Subs with ska. All lyrics are in English with own songs and covers from Sham 69, Wire, The Clash, Ivy Green, The Vibrators and Stiff Little Fingers. Rehearse at the musicschool/jazzclub Haarlem, Brigitte’s room, Shaffy Theater (Fred worked here), in a rehearsalroom in the Haarlemmerhouttuinen in Amsterdam. The first concert is in Kaasee, Rotterdam on 16 February 1980. Until 1983 the bandname is written as World War Rockerz. When Brigitte leaves the band, they play a while as a three-piece and record the “Don’t Sing The Blues” tape. After a while they sound more melodic and play harder punkrock but are always compared to The Clash. Later influences are from The Jam, Bruce Springsteen and even rockabilly. Tour with Claw Boys Claw in 1985. The band stops on 23 January 1987.

Description: punk

Fred Kienhuis aka Vret – guitar & vocals
Ad Sandtke aka Adolf Aambei – bass (1979-1987)
Paul Fonderie – guitar (1985-1987)
Bert Fonderie – drums (1986-1987)

Stijn de Jong aka Pablo – drums (1979-1986)
Marcel Kessel aka Adolf Kessler – drums 2 (1979-1979)
Christiaan de Bouter – drums 1 (1979-1979)
Edward Verhoeven aka TBC – bass 2 (1979-1979)
Gerard Rekveld aka Pater Paranoid – bass 1 (1979-1979)
Brigitte Lensen aka Virus – guitar (1979-1983)

Other bands:
Ad Sandtke – Red Stags, The Burnin’ Burritos, Vampyrette de Luxe, Jump Back, Love Burning Billy and the Cover Club, Cloaca, Chaos
Fred Kienhuis – The Jack of Hearts, Love Burning Billy and the Cover Club
Paul FonderieKetchup, Hollands Glorie, Love Burning Billy and the Cover Club
Bert Fonderie – Hollands Glorie, De Dopegezinde Gemeente, Tuesday Child, The Jack Of Hearts, Boyd Small, Kinkster, Smutfish,
Stijn de JongIndirekt
Marcel KesselNeo Punkz, Suspense
Edward VerhoevenNeo Punkz, Suspense
Gerard Rekveld – Jezus And The Gospelfuckers
Christiaan de Bouter – Jezus And The Gospelfuckers

1984 – Don’t Sing The Blues TAPE (K-Project, NL)
Recorded @ Oktopus, Amsterdam 04-05.01.84
1985 – Ain’t Nothing Clean LP (Circo Re, NL)
Recorded @ Orkater Studio, Amsterdam 11.84

1982 – Muziek Terwijl U Sterft TAPE (ClicheBootlegCenterTapesRecords&Publicery, NL)

1979 – Raket 4
1980 – Unite And Fight 1
1981 – Cliché 9

Concerts: (selected)
1980.02.16 Kaasee, Rotterdam (+ The Nitwitz, The Studs)
1980.01.27 ANJV, Beverwijk (+ K.G.B., Chaos)
1980.03.27 Uitgeest, (+ Chaos)
1980.05.05 Anti-Fascism Festival, Haarlem (+ Cloaca and more)
1980.05.31 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ The Ex, Workmates, BVD, The Giantsz, Putrid Fever, Oxid, Cloaca, Krikk, Delinquents, Workmates, Ketchup, Hilversum 5, Kreche) (Rock Against Sonoy)

1982.06.09 Oktopus, Amsterdam (+ A4)

1983.09.10 Shiva, Uithoorn (+ Wanda’s)
1983.11.30 De Pieter, Amsterdam

1984.02.25 De Pieter, Amsterdam
1984.05.10 Mazzo, Amsterdam
1984.05.25 De Pieter, Amsterdam
1984.06.09 ‘t Beest, Goes (+ Claw Boys Claw)
1984.07.29 Vondelpark, Amsterdam
1984.08.08 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Meteors)

1985.02.17 Akhnaton, Amsterdam
1985.05.25 Frascati, Amsterdam
1985.08.03 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Three Johns)

1986.04.10 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Ivy Green, L’Attentat, The Ex, Fatal Flowers) (Ivy Green 10 Years)
1986.12.21 Amsterdam (recording the song The Longest Night for VPRO’s Het Lab)

Source: Ad Sandtke