(1979 – 1986)

Meaning Bandname: Originally it has no meaning. Years later it stands for Most Exciting Terror System

Bio: Wilco and Gerlof are the only steady members. Emiel leaves the band in September 1982 and gets replaced by Willem. Martin leaves for a while and in 1983-1984 they play as a trio. The first 12” is recorded and mixed in the AD Tapes studio in the Oosterstraat (above the Elpee recordshop) by André Salters in January 1982. The Nie Wieder tape is selfrecorded at Tabor in Holwierde on 12 February 1983 and the split LP with Ultrakort in a studio in an old school in Wildervank on 22-23 September 1984. The Mets did 3 reunionshows.

Description: Old school punk in the tradition of Sham 69, Stiff Little Finger and the Dead Kennedys.

Martin Dekker – vocals & guitar (1979-1983), bass (1984-1986)
Wilco Van Diest – vocals & guitar (1979-1986, 2005, 2006, 2014)
Gerlof Timmer – vocals & bass (1979-1984, 2005, 2006, 2014), vocals & guitar (1984-1986)
Willem Hoekstra – drums (1982-1986, 2005, 2006)

Emiel Kloosterman – drums (1979-1982)
Kees Zee – drums (2014)

Other bands:
Martin Dekker – The Stortions, The Jolly Jumpers, No Identity, Baste Nr. 8
Wilco Van Diest – The Stortions, The Jolly Jumpers, No Identity, Short Break
Gerlof Timmer – The Stortions, The Jolly Jumpers, Stone Free, The Roof, The Mash
Willem Hoekstra – Short Break
Kees Zee – The Stortions, The Jolly Jumpers

1982 – Klik 12” EP (Sabotage Records, NL)
1983 – Nie Wieder TAPE with Awful Noise (Sabotage Records, NL)
1984 – Victims Of The State LP with Ultrakort (Sabotage Records, NL)
200X – The Mets CDr (Not On Label, NL)

1985 – Alle 55 Kort TAPE (A.E.D., NL)
1996 – Punkrock From Holland: A Compilation Of Original Early Dutch Punk LP (Not On Label, NL)
2018 – Useless Eaters & Other Losers (Punk Rarities 1977-’83) CDr (Fab Fuhrer Records, BEL)
2019 – Join The Army (Get Yourself Killed) Punk Rarities 1977-’83 CDr (Fab Fuhrer Records, BEL)

1984 – Nieuwe Koekrand 63

Concerts: (selected)
1980.03.21 Sjangpouk, Delfzijl (+ Timmi Ritmo)
1980.05.24 Zaal Reboboth, Appingedam (+ Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed, Tije’s Mess Express)
1980.06.21 Sjangpouk, Delfzijl (+ Hot Willy, M. Bersaudera, Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed, Country Harvest, Crazy Cat, Error, Marley J.)

1981.10.03 Simplon, Groningen (+ Pin Baskets, Image Damage)
1981.11.06 Zwembadgebouw, Zuidlaren (+ Awful Noise)
1981.12.24 Simplon, Groningen (Piss Offs, Zmiv, Chops, Vultures, Kripo’s, Boegies, Zouptossu, Tomahawks, Pogo Styx) (Rock Against Christmas)

1982.03.06 Sjangpouk, Delfzijl (Single Presentation)
1982.12.24 Parkhof, Alkmaar

1982.04.10 Sjangpouk, Delfzijl (+ Squips, Razorblades, Maat 46, Mad Max, Awful Noise, Thin Air, Error, The Syndicate, Tunas Mida) (Springpop)
1982.05.02 Groningen, Vera (+ Crimes Of Nature II, Spoetnik 5, I.C.A.)
1982.05.21 De Boerderij, Borger
1982.06.05 Simplon, Groningen (+ Knåx, Zmiv, Murder Inc. I, Vultures, Herzjagd)

1983.01.08 Zandbar, ‘t Zand

1984.04.23 De Molenberg, Delfzijl (+ Awful Noise, Ultrakort, Djazz Manya, Maat 46, Double You, The Fooks, The Syndicate, Traffic Jam, Tween 80, Crosspatch, Second Skin) (Springpop)

1985.04.09 De Molenberg, Delfzijl (+ Thin-Air, L+B Band, Tween 80, Dr.Feelgood, City-Crown, Error, Tortilla-Flat, Propagation, Blues Ablaze) (Springpop)

1986.02.01 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ Ultrakort)
1986.05.10 Simplon, Groningen (+ Rock’n’Roll Perverts, Flesh & Bone, Trio Gebraden Piet, French Fries And The Frimos)
1986.05.17 Sjangpouk, Delfzijl (+ Ultrakort, Body Count, Castaways, Frenz Fries And The Frimos)
1986.10.03 De Nije, Hoogezand (+ Ultrakort)
1986.11.01 De Kwinne, Stadskanaal (+ Ultrakort)
1986.12.25 W.N.C., Groningen (+ Massacubadset, Ultrakort)

2005 Café Meneer Jansen, Appingedam
2006.01.14 Het Podium, Hoogeveen (+ Civil War, Stereo Blackout, No Hoodlums, Last To Go, Rawberries, Antidote, Frontkick, Mistake) (Punx.nl fest 4)
2014.04.21 Grand Café ‘t Lokaal, Delfzijl (Springpop)

 (© John Schut)
 (© John Schut)