The Mets / Ultrakort – Victims Of The State LP 1984

Title: Victims Of The State
Label: Sabotage Records, NL
Year: 1984
Recorded: Wildervank 22-23.09.1984
A01. The Most Exciting Terror System
A02. Big Brother’s Gonna Die Tonight
A03. Case: R.L.
A04. Burn Down Palermo
A05. We Don’t Want Your War
A06. Not My Generation
A07. A War Solution
A08. I’s Comming
B01. Lust For Power
B02. Save The Wale
B03. It’s A New Trap
B04. Lynch Josef Luns
B05. Neightbour War
B06. The Fight Goes On Part 1 & 2
B07. Burst
B08. White Lies
B09. Don’t Decide My Rules Of Live
B10. Ultracore
B11. Jungle Jungle
B12. Wipe The Fascist From The Street
Comment: Comes with lyric sheet