The Mets – The Mets CDr 200X

Title: The Mets
Label: Not On Label, NL
Year: 200X
Additional: All 3 releases
Klik 12″
01. I Am No One
02. Once Upon A Time
03. Boring
04. Throw Them From Their Chairs
05. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier
06. Lost And Lonely
Nie Wieder TAPE with Awful Noise
07. Do Cowboys Never Die
08. Mr. President
09. I Hate Bloody Coppers
10. Pay Your Bill
11. Money
12. Another Murder
13. I’m Not Like You
14. Joey
Victims Of The State LP with Ultra Kort
15. The Most Exciting Terror System
16. Big Brother’s Gonna Die Tonight
17. Case: R.L.
18. Burn Down Palermo
19. We Don’t Want Your War
20. Not My Generation
21. A War Solution
22. It’s Coming