(Groningen, 1980 – 1982)

Bio: After CVC split up, the singer and bassplayer start The Chops on bass and guitar. Eventually lose their 2nd guitarplayer and do some gigs with only 1 guitarplayer. Speedy goes to the Boegies, Chris begins concentrating on his studies, Kees goes to play in The Slow Ones and brothers Vergonet start a restaurant in their old rehearsalroom.

Lyrics: Funstuff and alcohol

Chris Smit aka Ds Lin – guitar
Eddy Huizing aka Speedy – vocals
Johan Vergonet aka Sir Verg – bass
Kees Van Der Lei aka Case – guitar (1981-1982)
Rob Vergonet – drums

Michiel Postma aka No Fudge – guitar (1980-1981)

Other bands:
Chris Smit – CVC, 4227-B, Fahrenheit 451
Eddy HuizingBoegies, Jammah Tammah, ADHD Spietmobiel
Kees Van Der LeiPiss Offs, Crimes Of Nature, Mad Cowboy Experience, Wishing Tree, De Vrije Hand, The Slow-Ones, Refugees, The Three Slow-Ones, Jammah Tammah, Celtic Ray
Rob Vergonet – Tunebone
Johan Vergonet – CVC
Michiel PostmaRags, Fahrenheit 451

1982 – The Chops 7″ EP (Welvaartsstaat Records, NL)

2020 – Michiel Postma Interview

1981 – Back To The 80’s TAPE (Welvaartsstaat Tapes, NL)
1982 – Punk Live In Brouwershoeck LP (Sound & Vision, NL)
1992 – Back To The Seventies – Groninger Springtij 92 CD (Music Rebellion, NL)

1980 – E.S.P. 1

Concerts: (selected)
1980.08.16 Simplon, Groningen (+ Spoiled Sperm, Scrunch)

1981.04.17 Grand Theatre, Groningen (+ The Rags, Two Two 79)
1981.05.03 Vera, Groningen (+ Roeg Toeg)
1981.12.24 Simplon, Groningen (+ Piss Offs, Zmiv, The Mets, Vultures, Kripo’s, Boegies, Zouptossu, Tomahawks, Pogo Styx) (Rock Against Christmas)

1982.05.15 Shiva OJC, Uithoorn (+ Slonz)
1982.05.23 Vera, Groningen (+ Medium Medium)

1992.03.07 Oosterpoort, Groningen (+ Vortex, Herman Brood, The Beatniks) (Groninger Springtij Festival)
1992.03.22 Vera, Groningen

Michiel-Rob-Chris-Speedy-Johan @ Simplon 1980