(Groningen, 1980 – 1981 )

Meaning Bandname: A merger of the two numbers of the adresses where the members live.

Bio: Sometimes play with guestmusicians. Can be labelled an experimental punk band. Peter also does the Welvaartsstaat label and zine plus the Blok 5 and Slonz fanzines.

Chris Smit – guitar & bass & vocals
Peter Luining – keyboard & vocals

Other bands:
Chris SmitThe Chops, Fahrenheit 451
Peter Luining – Slonz, Fahrenheit 451, Rags

1980 – Live At Carolieweg + 4 Studiotracks TP (Welvaartsstaat Tapes, NL)

1981 – Back To The 80’s TP  (Welvaartsstaat Tapes, NL)
1981 – Waves TP  (Welvaartsstaat Tapes, NL)

Concerts: (selected)
1981.03.28 Simplon, Groningen
1981.05.23 Carolieweg, Groningen