Various – Punk Live In Brouwershoeck LP 1982

Title: Punk Live In Brouwershoeck
Label: Sound & Vision, The Netherlands
Year: 1982
Recorded: live @ Brouwershoeck, Leeuwarden 14.02.1982
A01. The Chops – Wodke
A02. The Chops – The World We Live In
A03. The Chops – Doomed To Masturbate
A04. Murder Inc. – Why
A05. Malicious Damage – Dop Ain’t Anything To Me
A06. Malicious Damage – Viva Fryslan
A07. Spoiled Sperm – I’m Bored
A08. Spoiled Sperm – No Way Out
A09. The T-Shirts – Go Away
A10. Pin Baskets – Does It Matter
A11. Pin Baskets – Hate & Fear
A12. Mortal Remains – Secluded
B01. Captain Sensible – Children Of The Damned
B02. Captain Sensible – Jet Boy, Jet Girl
B03. The Outtakes – When You’re Young
B04. The Outtakes – Working For The Yankee Dollar
B05. The Outtakes – Money
B06. The Outtakes – Cars
B07. The Outtakes – Are Friends Electric?
Comments: There’s also a version with a black and white cover