(1980 – 1980)

Bio: Later, Gerard and Edwin form Nul-50 with some members of Vomit Trays.

Gerard Meijer – vocals
Edwin Groot aka Glorix – guitar
Henk van der Lei – bass
Onno – drums

Other bands:
Gerard Meijer – Nul-50, Stadzguerilla
Edwin Groot – Nul-50, Space Marines, Warthogs, Stadzguerilla
Henk van der Lei – Roeg Toeg, The Slow-Ones, Chops, Censuur, Nul-50, Piss Offs, Stadzguerilla, I.C.A.
Onno – Stadzguerilla

1980.03.08 Simplon, Groningen (+ Boegies, Vomitrays, Barracuda Business)