(1979 – 1980)

Bio: Lucie meets Rappo and De Kip at the Dire Straits concert in Huize Maas in October 1978 and since they all play an instrument they decide to form a band. Eventually Van Gool and Rappo start Nul-50 somewhat later with a couple Society Killers members.

Ralph Van Oort aka Ivan Van Gool – drums
Peter Bodeweges aka Rappo Ruck – guitar
Dik Huizing aka De Kip – vocals
Swamnie – bass (1980-1980)

Lucie Kooistra – bass (1979-1980)

Other bands:
Ralph Van Oort – Nul-50, Rebel Yell, Stadzguerilla, Hendomatix
Peter Bodeweges – Nul-50, De Botsing
Dik Huizing – Roeg Toeg, Annietemeiers, Sing Sing Sing Alongs

Concerts: (assorted)
1980.01.05 Simplon, Groningen (+ Boobs, Boegies, TBC, The Toilets, Nitwitz, Revo, The Studs)
1980.02.17 Vera, Groningen (+ Gang Of Four)
1980.03.08 Simplon, Groningen (+ Boegies, Society Killers, Barracuda Business)
1980.03.29 Kasee, Rotterdam (+ Boobs, Boegies, The Scrunch)
1980.07.05 Simplon, Groningen (+ Nul-50)

@ Simplon, Groningen 08 March 1980
With Rappo on vocals
@ Simplon, Groningen 08 March 1980 (w/Rappo on vocals)