(1980 – 1982)

Bio: When Derk Jan moves, Peter switches from bass to guitar.

Henk Van Der Lei † – bass (1981-1982)
Peter Millenaar – bass (1980-1981), guitar (1981-1982)
Dik Huizing aka De Kip – vocals
Eric Poort – drums
Toni Smith – accordeon, flute, vocals

Derk Jan Wooldrik – guitar (1980-1981)

Other bands:
Peter Millenaar – The Boobs, Boegies, Dandruff!, Herman Grimme Experience, Chuck Stars, Dead Rabbits, Jammah Tammah, Sid’s Overdose, Suburbans, Sing Sing Sing Alongs
Dik Huizing – Vomit Trays, Sing Sing Sing Alongs, Annietemeiers
Toni Smith – Sing Sing Sing Alongs, I.C.A., De Afsluitdijkers
Eric Poort –The Boobs, Suburban, Splitsing, Blues United, Lou Leeuw Band, Herman Grimme Experience, Monsters From Outer Ska, Eddy & The Seventh Son, Skunks, Bob Sleigh And The Family Snow, Jammah Tammah, Himem, Killed In Action, Heino & The Gillettes, The Madleys, Piss Offs, Sing Sing Sing Alongs
Henk Van Der Lei – The Slow-Ones, Censuur, Nul-50, Piss Offs, Society Killers, Stadzguerilla, I.C.A., EDI-Balladears, Three Slow Ones, Drizzlin’ Rain & Weepin’ Willows
Derk Jan Wooldrik – The Boobs, Sid’s Overdose, Heino & The Gillettes, Rock And Roll Perverts, Sing Sing Sing Alongs

1981 – Stad & Plat 7” EP (Beltoon Records, NL)
Recorded @ AD Tapes Studio, Groningen by André Salters

2020 – Dik Huizing Interview

1981.02.15 Vera, Groningen (+ John Cooper Clarke)
1981.05.03 Vera, Groningen (+ The Chops)
1981.08.09 Sterren In Het Bos, Groningen (+ The Scars, Red Holloway, Sonny Stitt, Philip Walkers Blues Band, Gdansk)
1981.10.16 Vera, Groningen (7” EP Presentatie)
1981.12.24 Simplon, Groningen

1982.02.14 Vera, Groningen (+ Slonz, Injectors, Extra Smeikels) (Brain Damage 3)
1982.02.27 Oktopus, Amsterdam (+ The Job)
1982.03.20 Simplon, Groningen (+ Boegies, Dead Rabbits)
1982.03.19 Simplon, Groningen (+ Boegies)

2011.05.14 Simplon, Groningen

Tryout @ Vera, Groningen
live @ Simplon, Groningen 1981 (by Toni Smith)