(1997 – 1999)

Meaning bandname: Resent

Bio: From the ashes of the band LARGO arises RESENT. LARGO last from the beginning of 1997 until November 1997. Their drummer quit after their third concert. In the beginning of 1998 LARGO starts again, after Jaap’s discovery of a new drummer: Menno. The sound of the band changes very much so we decide to change the name to Resent.
The first concert is on a weekendtour to 2 squats in Gent in Belgium and Lille in France. This tour is arranged by Grotieme from Katastrophobia, many thanks to him. The following show is in hometown Groningen, in Vera. This was to be our final performance. Jaap leaves for Norway to live with his girlfriend. Menno goes to live in Amsterdam, and René continues to play guitar in Office killer.

Lyrics: Personal but also socially critical.

Description: Jaap had a classical guitar/noise (Today is the day, Shellac) background, René was into hardcore (Heroin, other emo stuff), Menno liked metal like Helmet. Together we played complex, distinctive song, wich contained elements of each bandmembers’ influence.

René Beukers – bass
Jaap Olthof- guitar, vocals
Menno Robberegt – drums

Other bands:
René Beukers – Larry Speaks, Largo, Yphobia, Grinding Halt, Iron Cage, The Last Mile, Los Asesinos De La Superficialidad, Resent, Suffering Quota, Office Killer
Jaap Olthof – Soon, Yphobia, Largo, I’m Still Standing, The Last Mile, Reflect Criticize Act, Grinding Halt, Music For The Defect, Pemmikan, Karoushi, Cpt. Badass, North To The Night, Upset Tiger, Shaka Brah, Skara

1998 – Lick My Moustache TAPE (Selfreleased, NL) 
1999 – …Commotive TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)

Concerts: (assorted)
1999.03.20 Vera Kelderbar, Groningen