2010.05.29-30 Corner House Pub, Rathnure Wexford IRE

De Fuckups (Groningen)
Los Langeros (Ireland)
Left For Dead (UK)
Paranoid Visions (Ireland)
Plimpstons (Glasgow)
Sort It Out (Ireland)
Bacchus (Ireland)
Scunnered (Glasgow)
Droppin Bombs (Ireland)
(R)evolution Of A Sun (Ireland)
Undertakers (Ireland)
Razorblade Smile (Glasgow)
Mongohorn (Ireland)
The Sultans (Ireland)
Zafranchos (Ireland)

Fleas And Lice (Groningen)
Realistic Train (Ireland)
Runnin’ Riot (Belfast, Ireland)
Neifenbach (Ireland)
Lobotomies (Ireland)
Moutpiece (Ireland)
Crossfire (Glasgow)
Complan (Ireland)
The Freebooters (Ireland)
Easpa Measa (Dublin, Ireland)
The Kickers (Groningen)
Crowd Control (Ireland)
Sorcery (Ireland)
Putrefaction (Ireland)
Heresy (Ireland)
Momma’s Slippers (Ireland)
Only Fumes And Corpses (Galway, Ireland)

Made in 2010 by Maia for the Kunststripbeurs in Groningen

GGI 2010 is a punk festival in rural Ireland with thirty bands over two days, an after-party on the third day, camping and lots of other things like a bonfire, table football and eh, a chess competition etc. Amazingly this is the 7th edition of the GGI festival , amazing that is seeing as it started as an idea while talking shit over beers. The festival aims to maintain and build links between the punk scenes in the three places of Glasgow, Groningen and Ireland. How? By staging an annual festival where people and bands get the chance to get together and have the craic for a few days. Obviously it’s easier for us as we have a whole country to attract people / bands from, whereas the others just have a city – who says the Irish are a stupid lot eh? The best bit of the festival is always the catching up with mates, meeting new people, having a laugh as much as the bands, in many ways another flier could be made listing some of the “characters” who will be in attendance as there’s as much entertainment to be had from hanging out with them as there is from the music. That’s not to say we don’t put a lot of thought into the bands – we do . This years line up features a wide range of the different styles that come under the punk umbrella – something for everyone so to speak. This is not a Crust, Oi, New Wave or Garage only fest – its better that way, better mix of people and plenty of time to socialise when bands are on who mightn’t be your cup of tea. Initially staged in County Wexford, Ireland it has now been held in Groningen twice, Glasgow once, Edinburgh once, Belfast once and is now back in Wexford in 2010.

There will be camping on site on Saturday and Sunday, in a field right beside the venue. You don’t have to have a special ticket for camping or anything – just bring a tent. Lidl and Aldi usually have cheap tents coming towards the summer. If you’re hanging around for the after-party you can camp at that too. As it often rains in Ireland its worth checking that your tent actually has all the pieces. It can get cold at night so bring sleeping bags. There is a limit on the amount of space for tents so please don’t bring that massive half tent / half marquee with separate kitchen, bathroom and satellite tv you have been waiting to use since splashing out on it on e-bay. Just bring a tent! There will be 24 hour flushing toilets available at the venue. In the event of the weather turning bad we will have a large covered barn that people can hang out in when the bands are finished.

Other accommodation: As the event is in the country you’re best off camping but if you really want to stay in a b&b or hotel then the towns of Enniscorthy, New Ross or Bunclody are all about 15 – 20 mins drive away.

2 Admission prices – for people based in Ireland / people coming from Abroad

This is an expensive event to put on as we have to pay travel costs etc for 8 overseas bands, expenses for 20 odd Irish bands, 2 pa’s and sound engineer, generators, lights, transport, publicity etc etc etc. It’s been organised by a small group of people on a non profit basis – no one is making money out of this.

There are two admission prices.

For people based in Ireland:

Admission is 35 euro for the weekend including camping etc.

For people coming from abroad for the festival:

If you are coming over for the festival from the UK / Groningen / Bremen / Tahiti or anywhere abroad then its only ten euro for the weekend – this is to encourage people to travel as we know Ireland is an expensive place .
You need to book this in advance by emailing ggieire@gmail.com with your name and how you are traveling and then you will be able to collect a ticket on the gate at the reduced rate – we have had it happen in the past where people from overseas living in Ireland tried to get in for free saying they traveled especially from overseas when they didn’t – they lived and worked in Dublin – so you must book this in advance.

To make life easier for us we have decided to make this a pay on the gate event rather than going through the trouble of printing tickets etc.

So if you are coming from Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland its 35 euro on the gate, if you are coming from abroad for this and email ggieire@gmail.com to let us know that you are coming we will put your name on the gate and you need only pay 10 euro to get in.

If you want to pay upfront as you have the money burning a hole in your pocket or are worried you’ll spend it just drop us a line and we can sort something out and then put your name on the gate as paid, i know some Belfast people are doing this.

With camping available before, during and after the festival for people traveling over you don’t have to book a hostel and when you consider that you can drink your own beer on the campsite its probably cheaper to come than you think.

Go on make the effort!!

Official website (check for updates) : http://www.myspace.com/ggifestival2010

Food, glorious food!
So an important addition to the line up …………………….food!

We have confirmed that we will have a full indian vegetarian takeaway / sit down in a marquee type operation at the venue on the saturday and sunday. They will be using the pubs kitchen which they are souping up for the weekend if you will pardon the pun.

In the main it will be an indian, the likes of somosa, pakora, bhaji, naan breads etc, vegetable main dishes and pilau rice. They will also be doing veggie pizza, chips, veggie burgers. open late – as long as there is still demand and normal Wexford takeaway prices not normal “festival” prices.

There will be a cheap western style veggie breakfast available on sunday morning for a couple of hours also.

There will be no meat in the kitchen and they are able to make vegan dishes on request – all currys etc will be cooked fresh.

In response to several requests there will be a seperate hot dog stand for meat eaters etc.

Overseas bands will be getting dinner cooked by our own fair hands as is normal gig practice.

Bands from Groningen
Fleas and Lice
GGI diehards. Angry punk from Groningen
De Fuck Ups
Groningen Garage Rock n Roll
New Reality
Snotty, straight ahead Groningen punk

Band from England
Left for Dead
Deadly punk from southern England

Bands from Ireland
The Freebooters
Scurvy ridden Street punk from Ireland / London
Los Langeros
Psychotropic Goat Punk from Cork
The Lobotomies
Raw catchy hardcore punk from Belfast
Slow, fast, heavy, loud, heavy from Galway
Dublin Garage Punk
1000 Drunken Nights
Belfast Street Punk
Paranoid Visions
8 piece Dublin punk as fuck
The Undertakers
Carlow Garage / Punk / Rockabilly
Galway Downtuned metal-influenced hardcore
Revolution of a Sun
Rockin out metal punk from Cork
Momma’s Slippers
Ska punk form Enniskillen
Donegal Garage Punk
Droppin Bombs
Dublin 3 piece hard edged Punk
Irish hardcore
Dublin Spazzmogaragerock’n’roll
Running Riot
Essential Belfast Oi!
Realistic Train
Psychedelic Stoner rock – Ireland
Hard hitting heavy punk from Ireland
Crowd Control
Highly regarded Dublin hardcore
New Ross Metal
Easpa Measa
Rampant Crust from Ireland
Only Fumes & Corpses
Sort It Out

Bands from Glasgow
Raging punk for dancers.
The Plimptons
Hammond Organ driven New Wave from Glasgow
Glasgow street punk / ska
Razorblade Smile
Oldschool punk from Glasgow

29/5/2010 at Corner House Pub – Rathnure, Wexford
30/5/2010 at Corner House Pub – Rathnure, Wexford
31/5/2010 at Conor & Teresa’s (Back to the start 2004!) , Wexford


On Saturday before 7 we will just be using the stage in the lounge.
After 7 both stages will be running at the same time but with the change over times staggered so if you are mad for the music it will be possible to see some of all the bands but not all of all the bands.

The two stages are in buildings 1 minute walk from each other so when one band finishes you can go over and see the band on the other stage till they finish by which time the next bands on the first stage will have started – simple eh?

In the barn from 7 p.m. until 1/1.30 a.m. – capacity 450 – 550 – loads of space, tall stage so great view of the bands. Big sound system, professional sound engineer.
In reverse order – i.e. Los Langeros play last.

Los Langeros
Left for Dead
Paranoid visions
De Fuckups
Sort It Out

In the lounge from 4.30 till about 11.30.
Smaller venue – small stage – up close and sweaty – capacity 250 – 300 – sound by experienced people from the scene
In reverse order – ie Scunnered play last

Droppin Bombs
Reveloution of a Sun
Razorblade Smile

After the bands we will be having a big bonfire for late night socialising and then it all kicks off the next morning early from 12 – sunday morning carry on through drinking from the night before and all that, great fun, someone should write a song about it come to think of it…….


Oh yes, it’s the “up all night, talking total shite and then back to the rockin out” challenge!
Sunday we will be using both stages but not at the same time if we can help it – one band finishes on one stage, then a band starts on the other stage etc. More bands for the punks!
We have tried to put some of the bands who “always get to play the GGI” on the early sunday slots to give other bands a chance at the later night slots, plus its actually a great time to see bands and gives great incentive to people to keep on partying from the night before.
Theres a two hour break before the evening bands so you can get all your beauty sleep in then anyway.

From 12 – 5.45 using both stages but not at same time.
In reverse order ie Complan play at 12.00 !!

Realistic Train
Runnin Riot
Fleas and Lice

Music starts again at 7.00

The Freebooters
Easpa Measa
Crowd Control
Momma’s Slippers
Only Fumes & Corpses

Things to do besides booze and music…..
So as well as the usual drunken tomfoolery we have a range of things lined up that you can do all weekend if you so wish…….

Boules – French game throwing metal balls at a jack on a gravel court – rumour has it that Pierre Fleas and Lice was semi pro at this in his youth – hard to believe – that he had a youth that is – but there you go
Giant Jenga – no this isn’t the name of the bass player from one of the Groningen bands – it’s a giant version of the timber block build it up til it falls down game.
Table Fussball – continental game which involves skilled players from europe giving out about irish bastards who keep spinning the players.
Darts – a game where two people try to see who can end up stuck on double one the quickest basically – again bring your own darts if your any good and dont fancy using basic ones.
Table Tennis – full size table – will have bats but bring your own if your some kind of pro.
Chilling out and reading zines – take one party marquee, throw in some old couches and chairs and a bag full of old irish and uk zines lying around in my house for years in a big bag and you get the idea – then find the person who wrote the old zine when they were a teenager and slag them for having such naive opinions at the time.
Tug o war – competition on sunday evening – men and womens competitions – we are thinking ireland v scotland v groningen v rest of the world kind of thing.
Chess competition – last held at the first GGI festival in 2004 we are reviving the GGI chess competition and have reigning champion John “PARTY” McCarthy coming over to defend his now 6 year old title.
Welly throwing competition – classic irish sport now in the running for inclusion in the london olympics – this may be a 50 cent a go – winner takes all kind of arrangement.

Conor, Teresa, Markos – GGI Crew.