2022.09.16-18 Conlan’s Bar, Booleigh IRE

DJ Dick Johnson
DJ Karlo Cobhthaig

Burning Realm (Ireland)
Captain Moonlight (Kilkenny, Ireland)
Audible Joe’s (Cork, Ireland)
The Objectorz (Dublin, Ireland)
Evilcentric (Groningen)
Frontsector (Groningen)
The Nilz (Dublin, Ireland)
The Hacklers (Ireland)

The Coathanger Solution (Ireland)
Stanton’s Grave (Cork, Ireland)
Genoflection (Galway, Ireland)
Mana (Dublin, Ireland)
Subordinate (Fermanagh, Ireland)
Surge (Dublin, Ireland)
Kort Door De Bocht (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Takers & Users (Belfast, Ireland)
Bratakus (Glasgow)
Yurt (Dublin, Ireland)
Wild Rocket (Dublin, Ireland)
Blowins (Dublin, Ireland)
Rant (Belfast, Ireland)
Okus (Drogheda, Ireland)
Persona Non Data (Groningen)
Rat Patrol (Groningen)
Grit (Dublin, Ireland)
Ramrod (Glasgow)

Inner Room:
DJ Tommy Rash
DJ Stillaggro
DJ Rúadhán Obroin
Yop (Electric Set)
Motion Sickness (Acoustic Set)
DJ Sister Kush
Ztratila Se Kocka (Cabaret Queer Dharkordeon)
DJ Mercy
Dance With The Underground DJ’s

Liminal Comedy Club:
Reggie Pollock
Saoirse Smith
Robbie Wild
Gary Cahill
Sinead Walsh

Frontsector (Groningen)
50 Foot Woman (Limerick, Ireland)
Easy Company (Cork, Ireland)
An Slua (Galway, Ireland)
Errorist (Ballina, Ireland)
No Matter (Belfast, Ireland)
Mister Slot (Ireland)
Chimers (Australia)
Puck (Ireland)
RPC (Cork, Ireland)
Death By Washboard (Dublin, Ireland)
Puresonic Outcasts (Holywood, Ireland)
The Scuntz (Belfast, Ireland)

Inner Room:
DJ Karlo Cobhthaig
DJ Wah Healey
DJ Rúadhán Obroin
DJ Tommy Rash
DJ Stillaggro
Fun is permitted at all points of the weekend. Enjoy, roll around in it, greet old friends, meet new people, improve your mental health through laughter, have the craic, join the campaign for non-violent silly dancing!

The venue as you know is Conlan’s Pub, Booleigh Cross, Booleigh Great, Kildare, R51 AX71

The DJs and comedians and a couple of bands will perform in the lounge – the Inner Room on the timetable. The other bands in a large marquee in the pub’s beer garden. Therefore like any other pub or licensed venue you cannot bring your own drink into the venue. The venue is not BYOB. They will have a full range of pints and shorts and in addition will be doing a can bar in the marquee where you can get 3 cans for 10 euro.

The campsite however is just across the road, a minute away, is not part of the pubs license and therefore you CAN drink your own beer there.

Please do not bring glass as it’s a field which may be used by animals in the future. Decant into containers sure. Bring your rubbish home please.

Like any other pub under 18s are permitted into the venue until 9 daily – lots of time to see bands Saturday and Sunday or to bring the kids for a day trip to the gig.

Parking and camping are in separate areas of the same field across the road from the venue. You can’t park by your tents for safety reasons, but it will only be a two minute walk to your car. Come to this area first as this is where tickets will be exchanged for wristbands. Be careful crossing the road! Please co-operate with our volunteers- we are all doing this for the love of our scene not for money.

We will have a large stretch marquee in the campsite to eat / socialise / talk shit in and we will also have portaloos and lighting towers in the campsite. The pub has flushing toilets when open.

No dogs- its the countryside. No fires.

The nearest shop is 4km away in Nurney and supermarkets about 10km away in either Athy or Kildare

We therefore strongly advise that you bring some supplies – snacks, bread, fruit, ready meals etc etc that you might like over the weekend. Similarly cigarettes, batteries, contraception or whatever you need for three days in a field.

You will be able to get a taxi to the shops but its easier to come prepared with a bag of shopping from Lidl or Aldi or wherever

There will be a Vegan kitchen run by a crew from Dublin in the campsite who will be feeding bands and also selling affordable vegan food to festival goers. This is a non-profit volunteer initiative.

The pub will be selling food from 10 a.m. until 9 each day. They mainly do Meat-based food, for example full Irish breakfast each morning for 10 euro but they also do veggie pizza, chips etc.

We would ask that meat eaters avail of the food from the pub rather than temporarily deciding to go veggie for the weekend as it increases the workload on our volunteer vegan kitchen and we don’t want the vegans in attendance to run out of food

In addition to on site food there are takeaways in Kildare town that will deliver to the venue – we recommend the restaurant Soulburger ( www.soulburger.ie ) in Kildare which has a huge menu with everything available as either meat or vegan options (vegan burgers and mexican loaded fries for example). For other delivery options Google is your friend

For late night soakage we will be boiling all the whistling kettles on gas stoves in the campsite and running a 2 euro Pot Noodle night stall after the bands (to cover cost of pot noodles and gas etc) – bring a fork if you can

It obviously makes sense to arrive having eaten – who goes off without eating lol??

There is a taxi service over the weekend that can collect you from Athy or Kildare where buses and trains bring you and the taxi can also take you to town for food, a break, pints etc.

From Friday you can ring to arrange a taxi. The number will be emailed to you tomorrow and posted on our social media on Friday morning. They have said they will charge five euro per person for trip to either town e.g. three in the taxi is 15, two is 10 etc

The weather forecast is good being dry and warm during the day but we have noticed it is now cold at night.

Therefore we advise you bring warm clothes, bring an extra blanket, bring a hat. Aldi and Argos have 15 euro double duvets at the moment – the price of 3 pints for three nights warmth! Highly recommended by us, probably the best 15 euro you will spend all weekend. If you have a car maybe throw in a blanket to lend to your festival neighbour

We have arranged for the marquee the bands are in to be heated.

Hospitality in general and to our visitors
Look after each other and the people you are with. Respect the venue and each other. Arseholes not welcome. This is a non profit small festival so there is a limit to what we can provide but if you have any issues come and tell us, we will be very visible all weekend in pink Hi Vis lol! Also while we will not tolerate any forms of bigotry we can only act if we know what is going on so please let us know if there are any issues.

Between bands and ticket holders there will be around 100 people at the fest who have travelled from outside Ireland. They won’t have the same local knowledge or cars etc so please offer them info if needed, go and say hello, ask them to have tea in your camper van, offer a lift if your driving to town or even throw an extra blanket or two in your car or some food to share.

Speaking very slowly in a bad accent to people is not actually a communication improver by the way lol!

Similarly there are young people coming to their first ever festival, please be friendly help make them welcome to our scene.

Finally thanks to everyone behind the scenes who have worked so hard to make this happen. Something like this isn’t easy to organise in Ireland and costs a fortune so your efforts are so appreciated!

Alex will have a full distro at the fest with loads of quality punk records t-shirts etc. and AFA Ireland will also have a stall with badges, t-shirts etc. Bring cash for these and for the vegan food and pot noodles etc.

Up the Punks!

Groningen Glasgow Ireland Fest Crew