Title: Maximum Wangedrag
Label: Wangedrag, BEL
Year: 2024
A01. Traumatizer – Bulldozer
A02. Haemers – Boots
A03. The Breed – Useless
A04. Burning Kross – My War
A05. Pressure Pact – The Champion’s Waist
A06. Frustrerad – Head First
A07. Raw Peace – Paranoid Future
A08. Abusive Forms – Boiled Over
A09. Sicko – Primal Hyme
A10. Instructor – The Quick Gain
A11. Frontsector – Stimulating Visions
A12. Tense Reaction – Release The Crow
B01. Vaag – Paniek
B02. Lifeless Past – Anxiety
B03. Coeur A L’Index – Rattrapez Moi
B04. The Rats – Machinery
B05. Graf – Mist
B06. Forbidden Wizards – Twaining Day
B07. Azijnpisser – Pro Life Is Spelled Hypocrite
B08. Terre Neuve – Condamne
B09. Colere – Unleashed
B10. Stresssysteem – Een Van Hen