(1976 – 1978)

Meaning Bandname: Named after the song Suzanne by Leonard Cohen.

Bio: From Enschede. Heavily inspired by the first Ramones LP, Fedde van der Spoel and his neighbor Loek Stolwijk form Suzannes. Everybody have experience in bands, want to go back to the roots and are sick of the numerous bandmeetings. Rehearse in the Technisch Hoogeschool. The recording sessions took place in an old school in Enschede where a little studio was built with a two track recording device. The hall of the school worked as a natural reverb source. Not feeling to progress or do concessions, the band stops.

Fedde van der Spoel – vocals
Dick Pekelharing aka Tull – bass
Klaas Sikkema – drums
Loek Stolwijk – guitar

Other bands:
Dick Pekelharing – Paul Tornado, Brandnetel
Fedde van der Spoel – Het Gebroken Oor

1978 – Live TP (Not On Label, NL)
1978 – New Disease 7” EP (De 1000 Idioten Records, NL)
2014 – Dutch Punk 1977-1978 LP (Rave Up Records, ITA)

1978 – Muziekkrant Oor Presenteert Keihard En Swingend! LP (EMI, NL)
1996 – I’m Sure We’re Gonna Make It: Dutch Punkrock ’77 – ’82 CD (Epitaph, Europe)
1997 – First Idots CD (Basta, NL / Idiot Records, NL)
2002 – Killed By Death #1010011010 LP (Teenage Lust Records, ITA)
2016 – I Don’t Care Volume 2 – Dutch Punk 1977 – 1983 2xLP (Pseudonym, NL)
2016 – I Don’t Care Collection (Dutch Punk 1977-1983) 2x CD (Pseudonym, NL)

2006 – Dick Pekelharing Interview

1977.02.12 Universiteit Van Enschede
1977.11.09 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ God’s Heart Attack, Whizz Guy)

1978.02.15 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ The Lizards, Subway, Captain Coke) (recordings Keihard & Swingend LP)
1978.03.30 Vestingbar, Enschede (Final Concert)

1996.11.20 Melkweg, Amsterdam
2007.10.15 Oude Markt, Enschede

(© Sibe J. Koster)