Cheap ‘n’ Nasty @ Simplon, Groningen 30 August 1980

Herman: Simplon had asked Cheap ‘n’ Nasty to bring a support band. The plan was the Fades. But the Fades withdrew. Then, Herman asked Ivy Green to play along as headline band. Ivy Green was the best known Dutch punk band. No, said, most Ivy Green members. After such a long journey we would not play a good long headline set. Ivy Green singer Tim Mullens and substitute guitarist Kees Bontebal did go along. And Cheap ‘n’ Nasty could borrow Ivy Green’s sound reinforcement system.

In Simplon, the management was dissatisfied that there was only one band. They told Cheap’n’Nasty to play two sets. It was only guitarist Andy’s first complete gig and drummer Ria (Maria)’s second one. We played our first set mostly unchanged again, as second set. Everyone loved it. Except maybe the boy in the front row of the low stage who thought Terry´s leg was so beautiful that he touched it: the bass player kicked him.

Tim Mullens liked the concert. He said: ‘You should have asked Ivy Green to play as your support band. The others would not have minded playing a short set.’ This showed Tim´s lack of rock star arrogance, though Ivy Green was the only Dutch punk band with an LP out on a major label. So, Herman had not thought about asking Ivy Green that beforehand.

Tim/Ivy Green, Kees/Ivy Green, Terry, Ria, Andy, Herman
Interview from Welvaartsstaat 1 by Michiel Postma
Interview from Welvaartsstaat 1 by Michiel Postma

Cheap ‘n’ Nasty (Leiden, The Netherlands)