Meaning Bandname: In the early days nothing was more punk than cheap/disposable materials like plastic. Therefore the theme was plastic, the songs were called/were about plastic (C2H3Cl is the chemical formula of PVC) and they performed in cheap disposable raincoats with plastic flowers in their hair.

Bio: Formed by Terry for a gig at sociëteit Novem (Wolbodo). The repertoire consists of a cover of the The Hague punk band the Mollesters (Plastic! Plastic!) and an instrumental of their own: C2H3Cl. After a lyric is added C2H3Cl gets played as Thalodomide by Cheap ‘n’ Nasty. The gig takes place with bodyguards on both sides of the stage: Tut (Rutger Jan Deelen) and Frank Nooijen, to keep the overenthusiastic audience at a distance. Not an unnecessary luxury in a town with mostly male students!

Description: Punk

Terry – bass & vocals
Carolien Besselink – guitar

Other bands:
Terry – Hideous, Cheap ‘n’ Nasty, The Sirens

1979.03.28 Novem, Delft (Derde Novum Open Podium)

Source: Terry