Meaning Bandname: A punkband’s name should be short, nasty and filthy. Named after the song “Hideous” by the Dickies.

Bio: Formed by Terry for a gig at Sociëteit Novem (Wolbodo). They play covers like the Sex Pistols “Pretty Vacant”, the Rezillo’s and of cause “Hideous” by the Dickies plus one or two songs written by Terry that are later played with Cheap ‘n’ Nasty.

Description: Punk

Terry – bass & voice
Kees Le Blansch – guitar
Rob Bleuzé – drums

Other bands:
Terry – PVC, Cheap ‘n’ Nasty, The Sirens
Kees Le Blansch – De Straks
Rob Bleuzé – De Straks

1979.08.20 Novem, Delft (Wolbopop ’79)
1979.09.08 Novem, Delft (Punkparty)

Source: Terry