(2011 – 2014) (2019 – now)

Bio: The Dutch band emerged out of the Groningen scene in 2011. Founded by four (ex)members of Instil, Expulsion, The Hunger, Mon’strum, Not In This Lifetime and Murder Manifest. In 2011 they released a demo on cassette tape (Street Survival Records) and CD and a studio album called “Nineties” in 2012 released on 12” by To The Lions records. The “Nineties” EP gained nothing but positive critics. A year and a half after the release they put the band on hold. In 2015 Indonesian hardcore label Diorama Records released a three-way split-CD with Lies!, Belgium H8000 hardcore band Deconsecrate and Indonesian metalcore band Hands Upon Salvation. Their energetic live shows quickly drew attention of the community and promoters. Lies! played shows and festivals in several countries in Europe including shows with Hatebreed, Nasty and Sick Of It All. From 2019 Lies! is back in business as a five piece band. Lies! aren’t done. They are working on a new EP.

Description: Combine elements of aggressive hardcore, thrash metal, extreme vocals and pounding riffs to create a terrifying and heavy hardcore sound. Riffs have the sinister vibe of Slayer combined with a downbeat stompiness that make you want to punch your best friend through a wall. Think of 90’s metallic hardcore bands like All Out War, Kickback and Length of Time or the newer hardcore bands like Terror, Harms Way, Inclination and Judiciary.

Jeroen Habets – bass, vocals
Marcel Siegers – drums
René Smit aka Smitty – vocals
Sander Oldersma – guitar, vocals
Martijn Pronk – guitar (2021-now)

Other bands:
Jeroen Habets – Not In This Lifetime, Setsunai
Marcel Siegers – Mon’strum, Expulsion, Not In This Lifetime, Setsunai
René Smit aka Smitty – Cease Assistance, Instil, The Architect, Murder Manifest
Sander Oldersma – Instil, Expulsion, Not In This Lifetime, The Hunger, Karbo, Chain, Vindictive, Setsunai
Martijn Pronk – Expulsion, Expulsion, Nemesea, Not In This Lifetime, Setsunai

2011 – Demo CD (Street Survival Records, GER)
Recorded by Sander 02.2011 / Drums recorded by Arnold Veeman
2011 – Demo TAPE (Street Survival Records, GER)
Recorded by Sander 02.2011 / Drums recorded by Arnold Veeman
2012 – Nineties 12” EP (To The Lions Recs, NL)
Recorded @ Groningen / Drums recorded @ Soundlodge Studio
2015 – CD with Hands Upon Salvation and Deconsecrate (Diorama Records, INDO)

Concerts: (assorted)
2011.04.09 Vera Downstage, Groningen (+ None Shall Pass)
2011.04.22 The Legend, Sneek (+ Godspill)
2011.04.30 Olde Skoele, Hattum
2011.05.06 J.C. Flashback, Vriezenveen (+ Troops Of Doom, Swim Or Drown, Show Of Force)
2011.05.20 De Rots, Antwerpen BEL (+ Human Demise, One Way Ride)
2011.05.21 A.Z., Aachen GER (+ Words Of Concrete, Manifestation)
2011.06.13 Het Front, Vroomshoop (+ Sick Of It All, To The Test)
2011.06.30 Metropool, Hengelo (+ Hatebreed, Nasty, Overlord, To The Test)
2011.11.25 The Skoffel/Stunt, Heerenveen (+ Cornered, Coldblooded)
2011.12.22 Simplon, Groningen (+ Chelsea Smile, When Walls Collapse)
2011.12.23 Metropool, Hengelo (My City Burning, Manu Armata, Troops Of Doom, Checkmate, Better Left Buried, To The Test, Grown Cold) (X-Mass Core Fest)

2012.01.06 J.U.H.A., Rosswein GER (+ Final Effort, Your Redemption +1)
2012.01.07 Basta, Görlitz GER (+ Final Effort)
2012.03.24 Lichtboei, Harlingen
2012.04.13 Iduna, Drachten (+ Nasty, Fallbrawl, World Of Pain)
2012.04.29 Café Bluff, Heerlen (+ Nutcrackaz, People, Embrace Destruction)
2012.04.30 Crossroads, Kaatsheuvel (+ Wasted Bullet, Surge Of Fury, Superior and more)
2012.05.12 Dobbefestival, Koudum (+Fragment, Barrelhouse, Def P and more)
2012.05.19 Tavenu, Waalwijk (+ Sinworks, Witness The Fall)
2012.05.26 De Kroeg, Oldenzaal (+ Troops Of Doom and more)
2012.12.15 De Kroeg, Oldenzaal (+ Troops Of Doom, Manu Armata, Embrace The Day)
2012.12.27 Simplon, Groningen (+ 0Fight8, Dirty East GVD) (Release Party)

2013.07.12 Tommyhaus, Berlin GER (+ Secede, United And Strong, Face It!)
2013.07.13 A.J.Z., Leisnig GER (+ Wolf x Down, Coldburn, Gone To Waste, Light It Up, Secede)
2013.10.26 Romein, Leeuwarden (+ Frisian Brotherhood Fest)

2014.06.07 Sodom Metal Open Air, Winschoten (+ Distillator, Attic and more)

When Push Comes To Shove