(2001 – 2007)

Meaning bandname: Through things of feelings/ideas

History: Instil, not founded but formed in 2001 from the ashes of Cease Assistance. It turned out to be a hectic and satisfying year for us as a band. We were allowed to play many shows and meet a lot of bands in the Netherlands and even more abroad (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Iceland). We have played festivals like Goodnight White Pride, Shadow of Disgust, Fight Fire With Fire, Battlecry and last but definitely not least The Goodlife Festival. This all without releasing anything. But this will change, or maybe is already changed when reading this. Beniihana Records from Germany approached us to record a mini CD. And that is what we did at the end of 2001. The album is called ‘Questioning like only consciousness can question’ and features 6 songs and is released in 2002. In 2003 the band does 4 concerts in Iceland. 2006 saw a memberchange and the band ends in 2007.

Lyrics: Interpersonal

Description: Well, let’s say Instil is about four musical preferences. There is a dynamic passion sounding through the sound of Instil. And there probably is not one single description that says it all. There isn’t one single restricting style. Emo-mosh, screamo, Göteborg vs. new-school hardcore, emo-metal, we leave it up to you. Just because we don’t care about labels. It is all about music, feeling the comfort of listening and recognise or meet yourself in it. 

René Smit – vocals
Wouter Jillings – guitar (2006-2007)
Arnold Schonewille – bass
Marc Guchelaar – drums (2006-2007)
Sander Oldersma – guitar (2002-2007)

Jaap Vissering – drums (2001-2006)
Joop Suelmann – guitar (2001-2006)

Other bands:
René Smit – Cease Assistance, Lies!, The Architect, Murder Manifest
Wouter Jillings – Escadron, Out Of Order, Devoted To Hate, Murder Manifest
Arnold Schonewille – Cease Assistance
Marc Guchelaar – Murder Manifest, Unauthorized, Altar, C Of E
Sander Oldersma – Expulsion, Not In This Lifetime, Vindictive, The Hunger, Karbo, Lies!, Chain
Jaap Vissering – Nitrogen, Cease Assistance, Vindictive, The Hunger, Vrizze Wichter, Volchok
Joop Suelmann – Cease Assistance, Darkwaterscam, Ravens

2002 – Questioning Like Only Consciousness Can Question CD (Beniihana Records, GER)
Recorded @ Flexx-Pro Studio, Ter Apel 2001 by Nico & Aaldert
2004 – Heartopsy CD with Kyds Vs Columbus (Burning Season Records, AUS)
2004 – Fire Reflects In Ashes CD (Garden Of Exile Records, NL)
Recorded @ Die Tonmeisterei Studio, Oldenburg 02.2004 by Roland Wiegner & Nico Van Monfort
2007 – Stalking Death CD (Garden Of Exile Records, NL / Dead Vibrations Industry, SWE)
Recorded @ Soundlodge, Rhauderfehn GER 10.2006 by Jörg Uken

2002 – Crackpot Distro Compilation Vol. 3 2xCDr (Crackpot Ciy Records, TUR)
2003 – Mosh Or Be Moshed CD (Life Sentence Records, USA)
2003 – Noordschok 2003 Band Sampler CD (Not On Label, NL)
2004 – Rock Tribune – Gratis CD Mei 2004 CD (Rock Tribune Magazine, NL)
2004 – Rock Tribune – Gratis CD Juli Augustus 2004 CD (Rock Tribune Magazine, NL)
2005 – De Slag Van Groverpop 2005 CD (Platex Records, NL)
2007 – De Slag Van Groverpop 2007 CD (Platex Records, NL)

NPO Het Klokhuis with Instil from 2004

Concerts: (assorted)
2001.07.20 J.C. Sparrow, Klazienaveen (+ Shikari)

2002.07.19 Stage, Moers GER
2002.07.30 Platformtheater, Groningen (+ Revolt, Undying)
2002.09.28 J.V. Blanco, Emmen (+ Destiny, DeathWeight, Mankind)
2002.10.05 Vera Downstage, Groningen (+ Burn The Elite)
2002.10.19 Hellfire Fest, Nordhausen GER (+ Throwdown, Eighteen Visions)
2002.11.02 Magasin, Brussels BEL (+ Liar, Heaven Shall Burn)
2002.11.30 Skatehalle, Plauen GER (+ Maroon)
2002.12.14 Peacedog, Ede (+ Zaccharia)
2002.12.21 Knaack, Berlin GER (+ Fall of Serenity, Raksasas)

2003.02.15 Het Podium, Hoogeveen (+ Nomen)
2003.03.13 Simplon, Groningen
2003.03.15 Goudvishal, Arnhem (+ Caliban, Face the Fact)
2003.03.16 Schlachthaus, Eupen BEL
2003.03.28 Nationaal Theater, Reykjavik ICE
2003.03.29 Dordingull Fest, Reykjavik ICE
2003.03.29 Grand Rokk, Reykjavik ICE
2003.04.03 J.C. Volta, Amsterdam (+ Zaccharia)
2003.04.19 Hydrargyum Festival, Heerenveen (+ God Dethroned)
2003.04.20 Noordschok, Groningen (+ Entombed, Pro-Pain and more)
2003.05.03 A.Z. Conni, Dresden GER (+ Julith Krishiun)
2003.06.05 De Flat, Groningen (+ Jetsetready, Revolt)
2003.06.06 Winston, Amsterdam (+ Malkovich)
2003.06.27 Schlachthof, Eupen BEL (+ Engrave, Nago)
2003.06.28 Squatfest, Wetzikon SWI  
2003.06.30 Bar Munich 78, Bilbao SPA
2003.07.01 Bar, St. Christina SPA (+ Forstella Ford)
2003.07.03 Discotheque, Piagno ITA (+ One Truth)
2003.07.04 Werkstatte, Innsbruck AUS
2003.07.05 Pitfire Fest Sursee SWI (+ Internal Suffering, Fleshless)
2003.07.06 Briellant, Deinze BEL (+ Circle, Empathy)
2003.07.09 Altes Schlachthof, Bremen GER (+ Himsa, Under Siege, Coalfield)
2003.10.11 Corefest, Delft (+ Maroon, Negate)
2003.10.17 Vera, Groningen (+ Burn the Elite)
2003.10.19 J.C. Innocent, Hengelo (+ Darwin, Greyline, Generators)
2003.10.31 Roarfest, Assen (+ Cancelled, Frusthatred, Blindsight)
2003.11.01 J.Z. Riot, Liechtenstein GER (+ A Traitor Like Judas)
2003.11.22 Popfront, Zwolle (+ Daily Fite, War To End Hate)

2004.02.01 Volta, Amsterdam (+ Shikari, Rise & Fall, Dead Rivers, Greyline, Bleeding Through, Converge)
2004.03.12 De Hoeksteen, Heerenveen (+ Aversion, Darwin, Greyline)
2004.07.29 Blizbee, Borne (+ Jairus, Death Before Disco)
2004.07.31 Basta, Görlitz GER
2004.08.01 Schlachthof, Bremen GER (+ Liar, Another Breath)
2004.08.13 D.K.W., Zutphen
2004.09.18 Bosuil, Weert (Aardschok Metalbash)
2004.09.25 Falkendom, Bielefeld GER (+ A Traitor Like Judas)
2004.10.15 Roarfest, Assen (+ Altar, The Wounded, Dying Flame)
2004.10.16 M.F.C., Coevorden (+ Dominator, Dead By Dawn, I-Reject)
2004.10.29 It Koartling, Buitenpost
2004.11.05 O.J.C., Cuijk
2004.11.06 Kultshock, Remscheid GER (+ 37 Stabwoundz, Trespass)
2004.11.12 Mukkes, Leeuwarden
2004.11.20 Ojeesee, Hardenberg (+ Greyline, O’Hara, Omission)
2004.11.26 Vera, Groningen (+ God Dethroned, Deadhead)
2004.12.05 J.C. Staddijk, Nijmegen (+ Maroon, Cataract)
2004.12.11 Baroeg, Rotterdam (+ Arkangel, Dark Day Rising)

2005.01.13 Eurosonic, Groningen
2005.01.21 K77, Woerden (+ Outburst)
2005.01.22 Bolwerk, Sneek (+ Caliban, As We Fight, Deadsoil, Remain, Aversion, Uppercut)
2005.02.03 Lades Kaelder, Copenhagen DEN (+ Mugshot)
2005.02.04 Ørebro SWE (+ Last To Remain)
2005.02.05 Deadfest, Linköping SWE
2005.02.26 Iduna, Drachten (+ Arkangel, Downset, Maroon, Morda, Demean, Rectify, Voice Of Distress)
2005.03.27 Noordschok, Groningen (+ The Dillinger Escape Plan, Crowbar and more)
2005.04.01 Sputnikhalle, Münster GER (+ Neaera)
2005.04.05 Doornroosje, Nijmegen (+ The Haunted, Outburst)
2005.05.05 De Box, Boxmeer (+ Razor Crusade, The Motion, Murder By Millions, Underside, Stabback, One PS, Violetta, The Broken Part, Coated Ambassadors)
2005.07.21 Simplon, Groningen (+ Burn The Elite, Greyline, The Helsinki Suicide)

2006.02.26 O.J.C. Jonosh, Asten-Heusden (+ Sickhead, Until We Bleed)
2006.04.28 Mukkes, Leeuwarden (+ The Architect, Expulsion)
2006.09.22 Popfront, Zwolle (+ Upshot)
2006.10.29 Simplon, Groningen (+ The Architect, Malkovich, Omission, Jetsetready, Massive Assault, A Silent Express, Marat, Flowers For Whores, Seizure, Dead Horse Running, Rush’n’Attack)

2007.02.24 Het Viadukt, Groningen
2007.03.11 De Gloppe, Leeuwarden (+ Asunder, Escadron, The Unspoken, Zero Opportunity)
2007.06.08 Vera, Groningen (+ Detonation, Cypher, 37 Stabwoundz)

Fret 7, 2004
Picture by Marc de Krosse
Picture by Marc de Krosse
Picture by Marc de Krosse
Picture by Marc de Krosse
Picture by Marc de Krosse