Lärm / Stanx – Campaign For Musical Destruction / No Secrets LP 2022

Bands: Lärm / Stanx
Title: Campaign For Musical Destruction / No Secrets
Label: Lärmattacke Records, GER
Year: 2022
Comments: Comes with 8 page A4 booklet, sticker and doublesided A3 / on black and marbled vinyl / originally released on Eenheidsfront Records, NL / Er Is Hoop, NL / Melkboer Strikes Back, NL
A01. Complexity Of Life
A02. Chemical Suicide
A03. Passive Punx
A04. Nothing For Us
A05. Puppets On A String
A06. O.S.L.
A07. South-Africa
A08. Hippies
A09. Opium Of The Masses
A10. Dance Til You Drop
A11. Revolting Youth
A12. Gesprek Met De Minister President
A13. Haagse Mafia
A14. Pigeon
A15. Police Threats
A16. Crucify The Pope
A17. Only Reality
A18. Our Future
A19. Red Brigades
A20. Wodka
A21. Disorder
A22. N.R.I.P. (Nazis Rot In Peace)
A23. Don’t Wanna Pay Their Debts
A24. Ban The Bomb
A25. Vivisection
A26. Boredom
A27. Too Old
A28. The Pogo
B01. Life In ‘84
B02. Kapsones
B03. Rechts
B04. Lost Generation
B05. Last 5 Minutes
B06. Don’t Forget
B07. Think
B08. Don’t Blind Yourself
B09. Forced To A War
B10. It Bites
B11. Neutron Cowboys
B12. Havelterberg
B13. Punks Unite!