(2003 – now)

Meaning Bandname: Niek always wanted a band with the name Fuckups.

Bio: Niek and John start the band, joined by Tup and quickly followed by bassplayer Marjan and singers Ricky and Petra. Rehearsals are every tuesday in the Viadukt. Obviously stealing riffs from others but never in an ugly way. Favorite places to play are O.R.K.Z. and Crowbar in Groningen. In 2005 Menno replaces both singers and the first album gets released at the end of 2006 and produced by Edwin Pot in the Viadukt. Oomph will be released as cybersingle on Platex Records and is also on the Groverpop CD. In 2009 Joris replaces John on guitar although he often plays as a replacement. In 2011 the Stuff 10” is released on Platex Records and presented in Het Viadukt. The guitarplayers interchange and Menno’s guitar as well. Obed Brinkman often joins on trumpet.

Description: Punkrock

Niek Schutter – drums
Marjan Feith – bass
Tup Wanders aka Tuppus – guitar
Joris Witvliet – guitar (2009-now)
Menno Schreuder – vocals (2005-now)

John Krol – guitar (2003-2009)
Petra Geelink – vocals (2003-2005)
Ricky Van Duuren – vocals (2003-2005)

Other bands:
Niek Schutter – Buzz Aldrin, Autoped, Henk En Het Huis, Triple Mud Sundae, Orange Peel
Marjan Feith – Himem, Tonics, The Blue Hearts, De Maradonna’s, De Trixies, Flibberty Gibbet, Waiting For Columbus, King Lier, The Brothel Brothers, Eelske Medde
Tup Wanders aka Tuppus – Sperma, The Slashers, Dandruff!!, De Hankey’s, Henk En Het Huis, Wicked Path Of Sin, Tup En De Taarten
Joris Witvliet – The Kickers, Black Burned BBQ Boys, Jumpin’Jeff & The Stingers, The Obama’s
Menno Schreuder – Hellectric, Tonics, Sexy Grandpa
John Krol – Dandruff!!, Autoped, Triple Mud Sundae, Orange Peel, Starling, Avery Plains
Petra Geelink – Sexy Dex
Ricky Van Duuren – Sideburns, Boegies, Moonlizards, Henk En Het Huis, Buzz Aldrin, De Straaljagers, My Friend Television

2007 – Oomph CD (Platex Records, NL)
Recorded @ Het Viadukt, Groningen by Edwin Pot
2011 – Stuff 10” (Platex Records, NL)
Recorded @ Het Viadukt, Groningen by Edwin Pot
2018 – Wrong Band 10” (Platex Records, NL)
Recorded @ Het Viadukt, Groningen by Edwin Pot

2007 – De Slag Van Groverpop 2007 CD (Platex Records, NL)
2010 – De Walrus Presenteert Another R’nR Nite CD (Not On Label, NL)

2020 – Ricky van Duuren Interview

Concerts: (assorted)
2007.03.11 Vera, Groningen (+ De Straaljagers)
2007.06.30 Vera Downstage, Groningen

2008.05.09 Vera, Groningen (+ The Kickers)

2009.10.10 Het Viadukt, Groningen
(+ Fleas And Lice, Mad Engine, The Kickers)

2010.03.11 Vera, Groningen (+ Cosmic Psychos)
2010.04.30 Gideon, Groningen (+ Gravediggers, Mad Engine)
2010.05.15 Frans Maas, Groningen (+ more) (Rebours Festival)
2010.05.22 Bakbrommerraces, Zeist (+ more)
2010.05.23 Bar 12, London UK
2010.05.26 Nos Da, Cardiff UK
2010.05.27 White Horse Inn., Builth Wells UK
2010.05.29 Corner House Pub, Rathnure IRE (+ Los Langeros, Left For Dead, Paranoid Visions, Plimpstons, Sort It Out, Bacchus, Scunnered, Droppin Bombs, Revolution Of A Sun, Undertakers, Razorblade Smile, Mongohorn, Sultans, Zafranchos) (G.G.I. Festival)
2010.12.17 Crowbar, Groningen

2011.06.06 Gideon, Groningen (Rocket Ride To Festival)
2011.06.24 Vera, Groningen (+ Easpa Measa, Putrefaction, Moutpiece) (G.G.I. Festival)
2011.11.12 Het Viadukt, Groningen (10” Presentatie)

2012.05.12 Het Viadukt, Groningen (+ Rat Patrol, Gate Crashers, Extreme Overlast) (Scumfest)
2012.09.29 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow UK (+ Agressors Bc, Slomatics, Hagridden, Indifferent Sun, Filthpact, Headless Kross, Third Rail) (G.G.I. Festival)
2012.10.13 Club Pulse, Groningen (+ Test)
2012.11.23 Vera, Groningen

2014.01.17 De Zolder, Groningen (Pleuropsonic)
2014.03.28 De Walrus, Groningen (+ Bbbbq Boys, Fifty Eggs)
2014.04.26 Crowbar, Groningen
2014.06.22 Gideon, Groningen (+ Rat Patrol, Contempt, Intoxication)
2014.07.17 Lola, Groningen (+ The Onyas, Cosmic Psychos)
2014.10.10 O’Ceallaigh, Groningen (+ Mispel, Dodde and more)
2014.10.31 Gideon, Groningen (+ Alfatec, Scrap Metal Taxi, The Obamas)

2015.01.09 J.G. Stadtmitte, Jena GER
2015.01.10 Supamolly, Berlin GER
2015.01.13 A.Z., Aachen GER
2015.01.14 Raum 2, Neu Tramm GER
2015.01.15 Lola, Groningen (Pleuropsonic)
2015.01.16 K.U.Z. Peimke, Hagen GER
2015.01.30 Vera, Groningen (+ Overdrunk, Ungah? Wugah!, Mansell & The Gynaecologists, Burning, Bleak) (Status Quo Tribute)
2015.03.06 Little Devil, Tilburg (+ Jesus Police, Richie Dagger, Gewoon Fucking Raggen, Toxic Shock)
2015.08.28 Crowbar, Groningen (+ Bareback, The Recipees, Massacre)
2015.09.26 Het Viadukt, Groningen (+ Bareback, Hoist The Colours, Spitfire, The ObjectorZ, Decibel Freaks) (G.G.I. Festival)

2016.01.14 De Zolder, Groningen (Pleuropsonic)
2016.01.30 Vera, Groningen (+ Entrapment, Indifferent Sun and more) (Thin Lizzy Tribute)
2016.02.13 Het Viadukt, Groningen (+ more)
2016.03.16 De Gym, Groningen (+ Pink Street Boys)
2016.04.02 De Zolder, Groningen (+ Bareback)
2016.08.13 Vera, Groningen (+ Obed and more)
2016.09.24 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow UK (+ Haggis And His Magical Bagpipes, Razorblade Smile, Ramrod, The Performance Enhancing Suppositories, The ObjectorZ, Okus, Ugah? Wugah!, Wizards Of Firetop Mountain, Aggressors B.C.) (G.G.I. Festival)
2016.10.08 Pino, Groningen (+ Grasmoawer and more)

2017.01.28 Vera, Groningen (+ more) (A Lemmy Tribute)
2017.04.01 Crowbar, Groningen (+ Der Rest, Rat Patrol)
2017.07.22 Art Carnivale, Steendam (+ more)
2017.08.19 The High Nellie Pub, Garryhill IRE (+ Septic Pussy, Doppleskangers, Can Crusher, Surge, The Blow Ins, Wild Rocket, Unhaim, Bacchus, Hoist The Colours, Decibel Freaks, Grit, Boss Sound Manifesto, Sick Of Talk, Bisect, Aggressors B.C., Ex-Cathedra, Putrefaction) (G.G.I. Festival)

2018.04.27 Crowbar, Groningen (+ Komplex, Reverse Cowgirls, Dolltones)
2018.05.13 Café Mulder, Groningen (+ Karel Ten Haaf)
2018.09.16 O’Ceallaigh, Groningen (G.G.I. Festival)
2018.10.05 Bambara, Groningen (+ Wolf:Gang)
2018.11.25 Noabershop, Assen
2018.12.22 Vera, Groningen

2019.03.02 O.R.K.Z., Groningen (+ HoppaH, The Bucket Boyz, Shoe Eating Rabbits and more) (ADM Benefiet)

Tour 2010
@ Vera Downstage, Groningen 30.06.2007 (Pic by Mark Scheffer)
@ Vera Downstage, Groningen 30.06.2007 (Pic by Mark Scheffer)
@ Vera Downstage, Groningen 30.06.2007 (Pic by Mark Scheffer)
@ Vera Downstage, Groningen 30.06.2007 (Pic by Mark Scheffer)
@ Vera Downstage, Groningen 30.06.2007 (Pic by Mark Scheffer)
@ Vera Downstage, Groningen 30.06.2007 (Pic by Mark Scheffer)
@ Het Viadukt, Groningen (Scumfest)
@ Het Viadukt, Groningen (Scumfest)
@ Het Viadukt, Groningen (Scumfest)
@ Het Viadukt, Groningen (Scumfest)
@ Het Viadukt, Groningen (Scumfest)
@ Het Viadukt, Groningen (Scumfest)