(Steenwijk, 1974 – now)

Used to be a swimmingpool and school. Used as a youthcentre from 1974 and there was a peacemarch against nuclear weapons every christmas day. In the early 80’s the punks take the place over and organize alot of concerts and festivals. Also the fanzine “De Melkboer Strikes Back” was published there. Members from Stanx were involved. In 2009 the place burned down and moved to another location near a church.

Concerts: (selected)
1981.06.13 Amsterdamned, Wanda’s, Debiele Eenheid

1982.11.06 Alerta, Amsterdamned, La Résistance, W.O.III, Stanx, Murder Inc.
1982.12.26 Jetset, Vacuüm, Boegies, Massagraf

1983.04.30 Zweetkutten, Lärm, Vikings, Blitzkrieg, La Résistance, Boegies, Asperity’s
1983.06.18 Bloedbad, Antidote, Indirekt, C.K.N., Stanx, Lärm, Puinhoop,
1983.09.10 Asperity’s, Stanx, Amsterdamned, Lärm, Echte Boter GVD, The Insane
1983.12.26 B.G.K., M.D.C., Local Disturbance, Boegies

1984.04.30 Gepøpel, U.B.C.F., Scoundrels, Indirekt, The Filth, N.V. Le Anderen
1984.06.11 B.G.K., S.C.A., Major Accident
1984.10.13 Bloedbad, Capital Scum, Van Alles & Nog Wat, Pandemonium, Stanx
1984.12.26 Vacuüm, Oigasm, Crack Regiment, W.C.F., Zyklome A, Wretched

1985.04.30 Nog Watt, Frites Modern, Deadlock, Upright Citizens, Toxic Reasons
1985.09.20 Subhumans, Disgust, Funeral Oration

1986.01.11 U.K. Subs
1986.02.21 The Instigators
1986.04.30 W.C.F., Stanx, Multitude Battery, Capital Scum
1986.11.29 W.C.F., Lärm, MBP, City Indians, Ampachen, Conflict
1986.12.26 Massacubadset, Stanx, Eardamage, Heibel, Upset Noise

1987.04.11 Scoundrels, God, Kafka Prosess
1987.04.30 Sid’s Overdose, Rock And Roll Perverts, The Gentry, U.B.C.F., Cólera

1988.05.28 Moonlizards, Hophead, President Fetch, Raped Teenagers
1988.12.25 Zmiv, Lärm, Vopo’s, Glorious Death, Vikings, Stanx, Burst