The Asperitys, Stanx, Amsterdamned, Lärm, Echte Boter G.V.D., The Insane @ De Buze, Steenwijk 10 September 1983

This was the festival where L-Gate happened! When one of the very big bunch from Groningen notice that a lanternpoll was rather loose on the big parking in front of the venue, it’s only a matter of seconds that the rest try to pull the thing off the ground. Once it’s out, the whole thing gets transported inside the venue. When I was sitting on the balcony, suddenly my crew came into the concertroom carrying the poll… I can’t remember during which band this was but it was a totally hilarious situation. Needless to say, the venue got alot of shit because of this. But fortunately they kept on doing gigs. This was also a place where I used to bring a tapedeck to record everything. From this one, 2 recordings survived.

Echte Boter G.V.D.
From Wrakvee
From Wrakvee

The Asperitys (The Netherlands)
Stanx (Steenwijk, The Netherlands)
Amsterdamned (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Lärm (Amersfoort, The Netherlands)
Echte Boter G.V.D. (Bussum, The Netherlands)
The Insane (Wigan, UK)