(Groningen, 1980 – 1980)

Meaning Bandname: Literally it means The Clash

Bio: Rehearse in the Haddingedwarsstraat and did 2 gigs. De Botsing have no singer. Played only own songs of which one was composed on piano by Rappo. The songtitles were Het Zinkende Bootje, De Oude Dakpan, Vallende Stenen, Vieze Hippo….

Wytze Terpstra – bass
Peter Bodewes aka Rappo – drums
Geert-Jan Ubels aka Peep – guitar

Other bands:
Peter BodewesNul-50, Vomit Trays
Geert-Jan UbelsHendomatix

1980 – Jeugdcentrum, Stadskanaal
1980 – Grand Theatre, Groningen

Rehearsing @ Haddingedwarsstraat, Groningen