(Groningen, 2008 – 2018)

Two sisters (one of them is the vocalist for Fleas And Lice) buy the La Cave bar and start a rock’n’roll bar where numerous bands will play. Ricky van Duuren designs the logo and the opening is on 29 March 2008 but the place suffers constantly from one noise complaint and close its doors 10 years later, in April 2018.

Concerts: (selected)
2008.03.29 The Jugs (Opening Crowbar)
2008.03.30 De Straaljagers
2008.04.29 New Reality
2008.04.30 The 69’ers
2008.09.07 Fleas And Lice (G.G.I. Afterparty)

2009.01.15 Gandillion, Android Soul, Superbug, Cilice
2009.01.16 Ramon Zarate
2009.01.17 Straight To Hell, Tamagawa
2009.02.22 Riistetyt
2009.03.29 Attack Disarm Takeover
2009.04.11 The Bulemics
2009.04.23 Everything Must Go
2009.04.29 Thee Vicars
2009.04.30 Mad Engine, Ramoniak, Descent To Hell, Thee Vicars
2009.05.01 English Dogs
2009.05.22 Contempt, Ram-Man
2009.06.21 Anti-Clockwise, Tankerchaos
2009.07.02 Insomnio
2009.07.08 Lobotomia
2009.07.27 Long Way Down, No Good Around, Midnight Menace
2009.07.31 Cellophane Suckers, De Fuckups
2009.08.27 Kamikaze Queens
2009.10.02 Testpattern
2009.10.15 Bimbo Electronics
2009.10.16 Black Sheriff, Loud Squirt, The Sonic Machine
2009.11.07 Sick On The Bus
2009.11.15 Splodgenessabounds, Die Nakse Bananen
2009.12.13 Black Magic Six, Dead Elvis An His One Man Grave
2009.12.26 Dromdead

2010.01.12 Lost Bear, Twiggy Sleaze, Them Holy Rollers, Jeroen Sweer’s Boogie Woogie Band
2010.01.15 Shakin Godspeed, Hooghwater, Reactionaries
2010.02.06 Police Bastard
2009.02.12 The Anomalys, Ams Mofos
2010.04.23 Everything Must Go
2010.04.24 The Wankys, Toecutter
2010.04.29 No Good Around, Long Way Down
2010.04.30 Descent To Hell, Speedozer, The Black Conspiracy, Svetkoff Lamps, The Swains
2010.05.05 Rat Patrol, Hellectric, Sixtyniners
2010.05.15 The Deadclass, Sick On The Bus, Molotov Cocktail
2010.05.22 The Regimes, Obtuse
2010.06.01 Jack Oblivian
2010.06.18 Apache
2010.07.03 Dun2Def
2010.07.22 Ramman, Contempt
2010.07.30 Bug Girl
2010.08.28 Krontjong Devils, The Boogiechillers, The Tumbin’ Gogo’s
2010.09.25 Poundaflash, English Dogs
2010.09.26 The Restarts
2010.10.03 The Afternoon Gentlemen, Grinding Halt, Dunce Water
2010.10.08 Antares, Long Dong Silver
2010.10.10 Black Bug, Traumahelikopter
2010.10.14 Shock Royal
2010.10.21 Brutal Knights
2010.10.30 Flying Over
2010.11.05 The Sworn Liars, Cellophane Suckers
2010.11.21 The Gun Show
2010.12.11 Anthony Raphael, Kensington Arms, Athletic Pooha, Screw Houston Start Screaming
2010.12.17 De Fuckups, Beavershot
2010.12.29 Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies

2011.01.09 Saucyspoon
2011.01.13 Hooghwater, The Reactonaries, Joshua’s Song, Tommy Ebben & The Small Town Villians
2011.01.14 The Medics, Little Things That Kill
2011.01.29 Sixtyniner
2011.02.10 Lover!, Earth Control
2011.02.26 The Monroes, Surfer Rosa
2011.03.06 Psychedelische Hobby Club
2011.03.19 Tim Warren, Eric Davidson
2011.04.06 The Blues Against Youth
2011.04.24 Deportation, Diktatura Sistema
2011.04.30 King Louie’s Missing Moments, Waxing Captors, The Farts, The Gunshow
2011.05.03 Red Dons
2011.05.05 Les Ramoneurs De Menhirs
2011.05.07 Bazooka
2011.05.19 Trashcat
2011.05.29 Drongos For Europe, Contempt
2011.06.05 Broken Spirits, Reverse Cowgirls
2011.06.16 Sand Creek Massacre, Victims
2011.06.26 Clocked Out, Found On The Floor, G.G.I. Airguitar Competition
2011.07.15 Short Bus Window Lickers, La Urss
2011.07.22 Eastfield, Bullet Ridden
2011.08.27 Paradox Machine, The Gun Show
2011.09.09 The Apers, The 20Belows
2011.09.29 P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S., Mad Idea
2011.10.02 Found On The Floor, Hagridden
2011.10.13 Los Jalapenos
2011.10.29 Misere Sociale Crew, Story Of Jade
2011.11.03 The Grin, Iron Lamb
2011.11.13 Antares, The Former Hasbeens
2011.11.18 The Kidnappers, Black Sheriff
2011.11.20 Faster Pussycat Kill Kill
2011.11.25 Last Under The Sun
2011.11.27 Tio Gringo
2011.12.03 Barley Wine, Disagreement, The Farts
2011.12.10 Ramoniak, Scrap Metal Taxi

2012.01.07 Kezus Krijst, Drugsmokkel
2012.01.12 We Are FM, John Coffey, Birth Of Joy
2012.01.13 Superbug, Yankee Sandwich, Nitrous Oxide Wrestling Club, Scrap Metal Taxi, Paradox Machine (Pleurop Sonic)
2012.02.25 Long Way Down, The Octopussy’s, End Of Bunch
2012.03.04 Hollow Belly
2012.03.15 Crude, Backlash
2012.03.18 Usual Suspects
2012.03.31 Speedözer
2012.04.15 The Godfarts
2012.04.26 The Blues Against Youth, Reverse Cowgirls
2012.04.30 The Obamas, Indifferent Sun, The Dolltones, The Farts
2012.05.05 Green Hornet
2012.05.12 Slab, Scarred Society
2012.05.18 Made For Chickens By Robots, The Shoe Eating Rabbits
2012.05.26 The Gun Show
2012.06.08 ET Explore Me, The Missionary Men
2012.06.11 Inner Terrestrials
2012.06.17 City Rats
2012.08.05 Nailbiter
2012.09.01 Steve Lake, G.W. Sok
2012.09.21 Eastfield, Cleavers, Andy T.
2012.09.23 Instinct Of Survival
2012.10.06 Brian Curran, Mark Ayling
2012.10.11 Kids With Guns
2012.10.25 The Omens
2012.10.28 Dolltones, Goodbye Fairground, Stand Fast
2012.11.01 Barnstormer, Warcrux, Black Sheriff
2012.11.02 Antares
2012.11.22 Drip Dry Man
2012.12.12 The Gravediggers
2012.12.22 Scrap Metal Taxi, El Camaro
2012.12.29 Malamondo, Hagridden
2012.12.31 Cauldron, Explorer

2013.01.11 John Coffy, Horses On Fire, Bullerslug
2013.01.12 Sensational Second Cousins, White Fangs
2013.01.13 Cutting Grass
2013.01.20 Gatecrashers, The Grin, Reactory
2013.03.02 Indifferent Sun, Found On The Floor
2013.03.16 Pig Control
2013.03.21 Slim Wild Boar & His Forsaken Shadow, The Shoe Eating Rabbits
2013.03.24 The Frowning Clouds, De Keefmen
2013.03.29 Subterror, Defy
2013.04.08 Lautstürmer
2013.04.17 Anatomi 71, Tarantuja, Kapi Ghoulie
2013.04.26 Rebel’s Bay
2013.04.28 The Fiend
2013.04.27 John Schooley And His One Man Band
2013.04.29 King Mastino
2013.04.30 Reverse Cowgirls, Braindrive, System Bastard
2013.05.05 Blues Junkies
2013.05.11 The Hitman Hearts
2013.05.17 The Capaces
2013.05.18 The Homebreakers
2013.05.19 Modern Pets, Southend Psychos
2013.06.15 Chaos HB
2013.06.16 Ortega, In The Hearts Of Emperors
2013.06.19 Submachine, Injured List
2013.06.21 Regal, Low Point Drains
2013.06.27 James Hunnicutt, The Jet-Sons, Jake Orvis & The Broken Band
2013.07.07 Total Chaos, No-I.D.
2013.07.11 Blatoidea
2013.07.26 2 Sick Monkeys, Asbo Peepshow
2013.07.28 Get Dead
2013.08.01 Maximum RNR, Baby Face Nelson
2013.08.14 Jackals, Huffin’ Paint, Death Tripper
2013.08.16 The Obamas
2013.08.28 Uhgah? Wugah!, The Black Cult
2013.09.04 Visions Of War, Horror Vacui
2013.09.13 Fredag Den 13e
2013.09.15 Napalm Raid
2013.09.20 Das Audio Combo
2013.09.25 The Dinosaur Truckers
2013.10.05 Thee Outlets, The Sensational Second Cousins
2013.10.25 Harlan T. Bobo
2013.11.23 The Monroes, The Tumblin’ Go Go’s

2014.01.16 The 101’s, Call It Off, Meet The Storm, Wasted Bullet
2014.01.17 Bad Idea, Flannery, The Blues Junkies, B.O.T.
2014.02.07 DJ Boppin’ Cooter Brown
2014.03.07 Indifferent Sun, System Bastard
2014.03.08 Last Stand Of Jimbo
2014.04.25 El Camaro
2014.04.26 Fake O’s, Guru’s Prophecy, De Fuckups, The Dolltones, Sjakie Goes To Stitswerd
2014.08.28 7 Years Bad Luck
2014.12.20 Green Hornet,

2015.01.15 Call It Off, Note To Amy, Colors Dead Bleed, Junkyard Safari
2015.01.16 Spoutmouth, Paceshifters, The Three Farmers Boys
2015.04.27 Uhgah? Wugah!, The Farts, The Former Hasbeens, Knight Susan
2015.06.11 Black Burned BBQ Boys
2015.06.24 Steering Ships With Empty Bottles, Fishgutzzz And His Ignorant Band
2015.07.19 James Hunnicutt & Philip Bradatsch
2015.08.12 Triple Mud Sundae
2015.08.28 De Fuckups, The Recipees, Bareback, Massacre
2015.08.29 Lobotomia
2015.09.19 Yankee Sandwich, Degenerate Idol, Game Over You Lose, No I.D., De Fuckups, Foul (Bugfest)
2015.11.14 Crazy Squeeze, Burger Weekends
2015.12.19 Ukele Experience

2016.01.14 Ravenna, Striking Justice, March, The Kendolls
2016.01.15 The Unholy Preachers
2016.03.27 Steering Ships With Empty Bottles
2016.04.07 Cellophane Suckers, Bella Wreck, Healer Of Bastards
2016.04.16 Daniel Payne
2016.04.21 Blues Against Youth
2016.04.26 Degenerate Idol, Terraflop
2016.04.27 Antares, Dorst!, Former Hasbeens, Suffering Quota, Space Chair Paradox
2016.05.01 The Fiend
2016.05.05 Uhgah? Wugah!, Fleas And Lice
2016.05.16 Jack Oblivian And The Sheiks
2016.05.28 Them Old Crap
2016.06.12 My Friend Television
2016.06.16 Der Rest
2016.06.19 Whiskey Dick
2016.06.22 James Hunnicutt, Philip Bradatsch
2016.06.27 Goddamn Gallows
2016.08.26 Asbo Peepshow
2016.08.28 Bad Sports, Radioactivity
2016.09.07 Kountry Kittens Burlesque, Samuel St. Samuel
2016.09.25 Cozy, Neat, Areas
2016.10.21 Fake O’s, Obn III’s, Snooty Garbage Men
2016.10.28 Hallo Ween
2016.11.12 Der Rest
2016.11.26 Wasted Life, Dorst!
2016.12.10 Willis Drummond
2016.12.16 Boycott The Baptist, Civilised Worm
2016.12.18 Shantih Shantih

2017.01.12 Long Way Down, Screw Houston, The 101’s, Ghost Years, Manu Armata
2017.01.13 Black Sherrif, Bare Teeth, Ramrod, Healer Of Bastards (Pleurop Sonic)
2017.01.14 Plutonium, Spooken
2017.02.11 Cocobelle, The Rumblers, Drive-By Wedding, Das Audio Combo
2017.02.24 Rene SG, Dorst!
2017.03.02 Them Old Crap, Flowerbox
2017.04.01 Rat Patrol, Der Rest, De Fuckups
2017.04.08 Healer Of Bastards, Lucky Malice
2017.04.09 Blues Against Youth, Reverse Cowgirls
2017.04.26 Brutal Youth, Fake O’s
2017.04.27 Spooken, Pander, Suffering Quota, System Bastard
2017.05.05 Cellophane Suckers, Dodde
2017.05.28 The Omens
2017.06.18 Bad Mojo’s
2017.06.23 2 Sick Monkeys
2017.07.01 Pine Street Ramblers
2017.07.28 Black Magic Six
2017.08.12 Get Dead, Lone Wolf
2017.08.26 Uhgah? Wugah!, White Boy Wasted
2017.09.21 Leonardt, Kiel Grove
2017.10.30 Goddamn Gallows

2018.01.18 I Against I, Slow Crush, Charades
2018.01.19 Evil Mr. Sod, Slavery Farm, Born In A Pawnshop
2018.01.20 Fabian Brusk Jahn, Bottlecap (Pleuropsonic)
2018.03.17 Contempt
2018.03.29 Gallows Bound
2018.04.08 Bang Bang Band Girl, No No & The Sinking Ship
2018.04.12 Antares, Healer Of Bastards
2018.04.14 System Bastard, Dead Loyalty, Uhgah? Wugah!, Second Sin (10 Year Anniversary)
2018.04.15 Michiel Hoving
2018.04.21 Cooter Brown, DJ Bobby Gunn
2018.04.22 Johnny Clash Project
2018.04.26 Soul Theft, Pander
2018.04.27 De Fuckups, Dolltones, Reverse Cowgirls, Komplex