(Groningen, 2021 – now)

Started in Spring 2021 because I very much wanted to make a compilation cassette with todays hardcorepunkbands from The Netherlands. I’m a big fan of compilation cassettes because through them I discovered alot of bands. For “Red Wine & Glue” I contacted 7 bands plus 2 in which I am playing myself to send 2 songs for a limited edition compilation cassette. The idea was to give the endresult alot of care and to show my love for D.I.Y. and punk. That’s also the reason for the linernotes. All bands were very enthousiast and I’m now working on a second compilation. Because of my financial situation it will take a while before it gets released but there will be an handful of great bands on it.

Also I started the label because I got tired of all rejections or no reaction at all from other labels to release any of my bands. Eventually I did it myself. Despite the financial crisis, there will be a re-pressing of “Red Wine & Glue” because there is still a demand for it.

Besides this, I have a small record/tape/CD distribution with sometimes some of my artprints.

When I moved to Estonia I started the Cognitive Decline fanzine in which I write about myself and my favorite 2022 releases. I’ve asked a couple of friends to write something for it as well and printed it right before the concert of Youth Deprivation on Rat Race #2.

COGDEC01 – 2021 – Compilation – Red Wine & Glue Vol. 1 TAPE
COGDEC02 – 2021 – Youth Deprivation – Self-Inflicted TAPE
COGDEC03 – 2022 – Stresssysteem – Vrede Die Geen Vrede Is TAPE
COGDEC04 – 2022 – Chaosmelck – カオスミルク ‎TAPE

2023 – Cognitive Decline #1