Various – They Won’t Take Us Alive LP 1999

Title: They Won’t Take Us
Label: Harmony Records, Germany
Year: 1997
A01. Bösartige Faulbrut – Killer
A02. Mad Punk Disease – Big Man’s Last Shot
A03. Sin Dios – Medios De Communicacion
A04. P.M.T. – Drama Queen
A05. Anger Of Bacterias – Your Charity Stinks
A06. Machine Gun Etiquette – Impending Doom
A07. Mad Punk Disease – Paranoid Visions
A08. Juggling Jugulars – No Fucking War
A09. Post Regiment – Jan Dobrzé
A10. Airbomb – We Are Evil
A11. Bösartige Faulbrut – Anders
B01. Anger Of Bacterias – Brainsuis
B02. Ex-Cathedra – Anaestetized
B03. Juggling Jugulars – Master
B04. Mad Punk Disease – Liar
B05. P.M.T. – Testosterone Man
B06. Airbomb – Mad
B07. Auswurph – Seuchen
B08. Sin Dios – Precariedad Y Alienación
B09. Post Regiment – Kolory
B10. 4 Past Midnight – Nobody’s Listen Anymore
B11. Tuco Ramirez – Plakoorlog
B12. Mighty Snortin’ Rangers – Tha Difference
Comment: Comes with 8 page A5 booklet and 1 insert / Mad Punk Disease is spelled Mad Punk Desease on the cover / Tuco Ramirez is spelled Toco Ramirez on the cover / Pierre of Mad Punk Disease, Stiff of Ex-Cathedra and Jim of Machine Gun Etiquette will be together in Fleas And Lice in the 00’s //