(1977 – 1979)

Bio: From Amsterdam. Formed at the end of 1977 by Peter after seeing Johnny Thunders in Paradiso (supporting the Sex Pistols). First were called Bladzijde 12, and then Fuckin’ Peter And De Lijkenjatters. First rehearse in the Zuiderbad swimmingpool where Robert Jan’s father is director, and later in Café De Tichel, a hangout for punx. First gig is in 1978 where they play one song on Ivy Green’s equipment. Members move on to City Squad.

Description: Punk

Juriaan Vriezen – vocals
Peter van Abbe aka Eskimo aka Fucking Peter – guitar
Fred van Brummelen – bass
Robert Jan Taytelbaum † – drums

Other bands:
Juriaan Vriezen – The Piss Artz
Peter van Abbe – The Piss Artz, City Squad, Jezus And The Gospelfuckers
Fred van Brummelen – City Squad
Robert Jan Taytelbaum – City Squad

2007 – Peter van Abbe

1979 – Amsterdam Punk Revisited (Babeth Mondini-Vanloo)

Concerts: (assorted)
1979.01.19 NRC-IJspaleis, Amsterdam (+ Ivy Green, Infexion, The Bugs, Jezus And The Gospelfuckers, Motorboat)
1979.02.09 NRC-IJspaleis, Amsterdam (+ Infexion, The Bugs, 123, Motorboat, Jezus And The Gospelfuckers)
1979.03.27 Baalcafé Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ 123, Infexion)
1979.04.26 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Jezus And The Gospelfuckers, Infexion)
1979.04.30 No Name, Amsterdam (+ 123, PCX, Jezus And The Gospelfuckers)
1979.06.23 Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam (+ Krash On Poland, 123, The Bugs, Workmates, Infexion, PCX, Inside Nipples)

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