(1979 – 1982) (2006 – now)

Meaning Bandname: Date of death of Sid Vicious

Bio: From Hoogkerk. Were called Joint Venture with different members. When they broke up, Theo and Hondema found Ron the drummer. And during the final gig of Albert’s band Inspiration Breakdown in Pentastoma in Roden they found Albert. Their first concert in Simplon is done with a replacement drummer (a roadie for Vopo’s) because Ron refused. He is replaced by Lex. Two Two 79 has always been a funband with the emphasis on playing music. Because of school and other things the band was never more than a hobby and there was never an ambition of more. Speedy, the 2nd singer for Boegies in 1982 is their manager/roadie and they practice in the ORKZ. Split up in early 1982 but did one more show in Pentastoma in Roden in May 1982 and got the 12” released after. Reforms in 2006 and try alot of drummers. They’re strictly D.I.Y. and release everything themselves.  

Description: Punk

Albert Visser – vocals
Theo Heidema – guitar, vocals
H. Hondema – bass, vocals
Henk Mulder aka Henry – drums, vocals (2017-now)

Ron – drums (1979-1980)
Lex Bekink – drums (1980-1982)
Drumcomputer – drums (2006-2010)
Sander – drums 1 (2010-2010)
Maarten Langedijk aka Swerc – drums 2 (2010-2011)
Jurie Kelvinator – drums 3 (2011-2011)
Sjakie aka Sharky aka Richard aka Sjakie Tesselaar – drums, vocals (2013-2017)

Other bands:
Albert Visser – Reality 79, Inspiration Breakdown
Theo Heidema – Reality 79
Henk Mulder – De Verkouden Olifant, M.B.P., Rat Patrol, Kotton Krown, Larry Speaks, Over The Moon, Chronicore
Lex Bekink – Slagerei, Dean, I.C.A., Persona Non Grata, The Family
Maarten Langedijk – Gheestenland, Lugubre, Asregen, Kjeld, Dystertid, Kaeck, Krocht, Salacious Gods, Standvast, Tarnkappe, Winter Of Sin, Maliën, Uuntar, Adendum Demise, Besiect, Dethrimentum
Sjakie – Pislarven, Dislect, Føkdis, Fermented, Los Asesinos De La Superficialidad, Mad Idea, Mindføk, Dorst!, Mad Engine, Mad Wizard, Night Of The Rhino

1981 – 2 song demo (Unreleased, NL)
Recorded @ Square Wave Studio, Groningen 1981
1982 – Innocent People 12” EP (Two Two Records, NL)
Recorded @ Square Wave Studio, Groningen
2007 – This Time For Real!!! CDr (Two Two Records, NL)
2010 – Attention Whores CDr (Two Two Records, NL)
2012 – Hey You! CDr (Two Two Records, NL)
2012 – Hey You! Promo CDr (Two Two Records, NL)
2014 – Never Mind The Covers From Groningen Here’s Two Two 79 CDr (Two Two Records, NL)
2017 – 1234 EP CDr (Two Two Records, NL)
2017 – 5678 EP CDr (Two Two Records, NL)
2020 – 40th Anniversary 2xCDr (Two Two Records, NL)
2021 – Virus (The Corona Demos) (Two Two Records, NL)

1980 – E.S.P. 2


Concerts: (assorted)
1980.09.20 Simplon, Groningen (+ Heinrich Stiller, Vopos)
1980.12.26 Simplon, Groningen (+ Røtzøløs, Abcess, Jetset, Iglo’s, Rode Smurfen, Aigretjes, Chops, Rags, Zmiv, No Explanation, P.V.S., Silent Fiction, Slonz, Encyckrieks, Hendomatix) (Martini On The Rocks Festival)

1981.02.28 Simplon, Groningen (+ Jetset)
1981.04.17 Grand Theatre, Groningen (+ The Rags, Chops)

(Albert, Theo, H. Hondema, Sjakie)
2013.12.21 Het Viadukt, Groningen (+ Rat Patrol, System Bastard) (First livegig after 31 years)

2014.01.11 Pino, Groningen
(+ Extreme Dorst, More)
2014.02.07 Cleopatra, Groningen (+ Preipop)
2014.03.08 Colloseum, Groningen (+ Komplex, Killbite, Knife 49, Rato Raro, Nazi Dogs, Fake O’s)  (Bastards On Beer Festival)
2014.08.30 M.C. Monts, Noordbroek (Kleine Monts Festival)
2014.09.27 Overal En Nergens, Nieuw Scheemda

2015.03.14 Hundread Sound Accompany, Groningen (Bokito Rave Party 90’s)
2015.05.01 Gideon, Groningen (+ Dorst, Uhgah? Wugah!, Eastgate Crasher. U.S.B.)

2016.05.27 Pino, Groningen
(+ Dorst, 10 To Go, Mc Swallywag, King For A Day)

(Albert, Theo, H. Hondema, Henk)
2017.11.11 Vreemde Streken, Wageningen

2018.02.16 Iduna, Drachten
(+ Varukers, U.K. Subs)
2018.06.23 Bambara, Groningen (+ Rat Patrol, Antisocial Rejects)

2019.03.30 J.C. Innocent, Hengelo (+ Rat Patrol, Beteren)
2019.05.11 Open Schuurfeest, Wagenborgen (+ No-ID)
2019.05.24 Brigant, Arnhem (+ Rat Patrol, Black Burned Blimp)
2019.07.05 Jack’s Music Bar, Zwolle (+ Rat Patrol)
2019.07.22 Lola, Groningen (+ D.I.)
2019.07.27 Vogelpop, Ansen (+ Lowlife, Skateless, Deposit, Doodstil, Die Nakse Bananen and more)
2019.10.05 Vreemde Streken, Wageningen (+ No-ID)

2020.09.04 Punkion 6, Bremen GER (+ Degenerate Idol, Razors and more)

2022.10.22 The Firecave, Andelst (+ Vuurspoor, Sugar Lady)

2023.01.21 O.R.K.Z., Groningen (+ Jonesey, Rat Patrol, Evilcentric, Mean Machine, Unploppet)

@ Viadukt Rehearsal 01.2011 (with Maarten on drums)
@ Viadukt Rehearsal 10.2011 (with Kelvin on drums)
@ Viadukt Rehearsal 19.11.2016 (with Sjakie on drums)