(1977 – 1979)

Bio: Start in 1976 as an English band with Captain Sensible, Rat Scabies and Big Mick. The first two will later be in The Damned and the latter will be their roadmanager. The Softies play as support or in between concerts of The Damned. The next year Big Mick moves to Amsterdam due to a drugsscandal and finds other members in September 1977. Frank and Big Mick ask Joël to replace Vic on the day of a concert. They get a contract with Basart for three singles and two albums. Plus they have a sponsor contract with Jan Bik, the notorious owner of a big sexclub empire. When The Damned break up, Captain Sensible joins the band for 4-6 months and stays at Joëls place. In 1978 Big Mick moves back to the UK. They do a reunion in 2016 without Big Mick who died in 2005 and re-record Suicide Pilot.

Description: Punk

Michael B. Smith aka Big Mick † – vocals & guitar
Sid Gearij – guitar (1979-1979)
Jack Boothe – bass (1978-1979)
George Butler – drums (1979-1979)

Ray Burns aka Captain Sensible – guitar (1978-1978)
Pedro Marx – guitar (1977-1977)
Frank Cambach aka Frank’n Stein – bass (1977-1978)
Keith Line – drums (1979-1979)
Nico Groen – drums (1978-1979)
Rat Scabies – drums (1978-1978; drums on the English dates)
Joël Komkommer aka Joe Thumper – drums (1978-1978)
Vic The Baron – drums (1977-1977)

Other bands:
Frank Cambach – Helmettes, The Filth, Speedtwins, Voices, The Name
Ray Burns – The Damned
Keith Line – Rumble, Orphan, All Time Heroes, Bram Tschaikovsky
Joël Komkommer – The Pickles
George Butler – Lightning Raiders
Rat Scabies – The Damned
Nico Groen – Speedtwins, Coen Wolters Band, Flavium, No Exqze, Splinterfunk, The Puppet Show, TSB & Friends

1978 – demo
1978 – Suicide Pilot 7” single (Poker, NL)
1978 – Jet Boy, Jet Girl / Children Of The Damned 7” single (Poker, NL)
Recorded @ G.T.B. Studio, Den Haag
1978 – Killing Time 7” EP (Charly Records, UK)
1979 – Nice And Nasty LP (Charly Records, UK)
1982 – Wait For The Blackout 7” single with The Damned (Big Beat Records, UK)
2018 – Suicide Pilot 2018 flexi 7” single (Black Olive Press, NL)

1981 – Another Great Record From The Damned: The Best Of The Damned LP (Ace, UK)
2000 – Killed By Death #1234 LP (Redrum Records, NL)
2016 – I Don’t Care Collection: Dutch Punk 1977-1983 2x CD (Pseudonym, NL)
2016 – I Don’t Care Volume 2: Dutch Punk 1977-1983 2x LP (Pseudonym, NL)

1978 – rehearsal

1979 – Propaganda 1
2007 – Frank Cambach Interview

Concerts: (assorted)
1977.11.27 Stokvishal, Arnhem (+ Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers)

1978.01.08 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Boomtown Rats)
1978.02.16 Catena, Leiden
1978.02.24 LVC, Leiden
1978.02.28 Diogenes, Nijmegen
1978.04.19 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ The Peasants)
1978.05.13 Vondelbrug, Amsterdam (+ God’s Heart Attack)
1978.05.20 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ The Gods)
1978.07.21 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ The Blades, Inside Nipples)
1978.09.05 Electric Ballroom, London UK
1978.10.19 Royal College Of Art, London UK
1978.11.02 Winter Gardens, Malvern UK
1978.11.03 Corn Exchange, Cambridge UK
1978.08.11 Leisure Centre, Gloucester UK
1978.11.24 Brunel University, Uxbridge UK

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