(2003 – 2010)

Bio: Thijs form The Kickers in 2003 and asks Steven and Eli to join. The first one stops and Steven and Eli change instruments and continue as a two-piece until march 2004 when the brother of Eli joins on bass. They release a video for the song Koprot in November 2004. In 2005 Jeroen leaves for half a year and gets replaced by Joris but Jeroen did not return to play. The band stops after a gig at the G.G.I. Festival in Ireland in 2010.

Description: Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll

Steven Van Der Werff – drums (2003-2004), guitar & vocals (2004-2010)
Eli Padmos – guitar (2003-2004), drums (2004-2010)
Joris Witvliet – bass (2005-2010)

Jeroen Padmos – bass (2004-2005)
Thijs – guitar & vocals (2003-2003)

Other bands:
Eli Padmos – The Obamas
Joris Witvliet – The Niggers, De Fuckups, The Obamas, Jumin’ Jeff & The Stingers, The Stingers, Black Burned BBQ Boys, Shoe Eating Rabbits
Thijs – Fester, Them Holy Rollers
Steven Van Der Werff – Bad Idea, Zerebro, The Lords Of Altamont, Savage Beat

2004 – Koprot single (Platex Records, NL)
Recorded @ Blaisdell Studio, Groningen 10.2004 by Michiel Cornelisse
2005 – The Kickers 11 song demo (Selfreleased, NL)
2006 – The Kickers demo (Selfreleased, NL)
Recorded @ Doghouse Studio, Groningen
2008 – Don’t Forget Your Head CD (Nozem Records, NL)
Recorded @ Rocketdog, Arnhem 11.2007

2005 – De Slag Van Groverpop 2005 CD (Groverpop, NL)
2005 – Schaamte En Woede / Shame And Anger CD (Platex Records, NL)
2008 – Vera Wil Verder CDr (Not On Label, NL)
2009 – De Slag Van Groverpop 2009 CD (Groverpop, NL)

Concerts: (assorted)
2003.09.10 Shadrak, Groningen (+ O.D. Babe)
2003.12.28 Supermarkt, Groningen (+ De Schlumpers, Kut 87)

2004.02.06 Simplon, Groningen (+ Gravediggers, Marike, Jort, Andy Jay, Mir, Rohbadobh, Josje, Klein, Pinpoint, Vibe Da Funk, X-Ess, Merel, General Funk, Ka)
2004.03.04 Simplon, Groningen (+ Old Babe, The Spades, De Straaljagers)
2004.04.22 Simplon, Groningen (+ My Sister Harold, Coglione Di Cobiglio, Mighty Mashed Potatoes, Tczjernebilies, Quintessence) (Grote Prijs)
2004.04.30 De Vastloper, Winschoten (+ Black Rodeo, Overdrunk, Final Ground)
2004.05.20 Simplon, Groningen (+ Bromtol, Eskimo, Third Wing, Wrong Identity, Sweet Christine, Lords Of Gravity) (Grote Prijs)
2004.06.04 Simplon, Groningen (+ Sexy B, Merel)
2004.07.03 Kult, Groningen (+ The Niggers, The Valley Of Jeepster Beats, Subblazer, Flat Mike and more)
2004.07.10 New Attraction, Groningen
2004.08.19 Vera, Groningen (+ Pink Swords)
2004.09.07 Metropool, Hengelo (+ Limbo, Trixie Jelly Pudding, Dirty Love Letters and more) (Regiofinale Grote Prijs)
2004.09.24 De Walrus, Groningen (+ O.D. Babe, Overdrunk)
2004.10.22 Simplon, Groningen (+ Nitwitz, Gravediggers, The Niggers)
2004.11.09 Simplon, Groningen (+ Makiladoras, Dandare, Mihoen!)
2004.11.13 Het Viadukt (Platex Records Releaseparty)

2005.01.13 Shadrak, Groningen (+ Orange Glow, Nemesea, Theux, Instil, Trixie Jellie Pudding) (Eurosonic)
2005.02.11 De Helling, Utrecht
2005.06.02 Simplon, Groningen (+ Destroi!, The Niggers, Element 5)
2005.09.16 De Bijstand, Nijmegen (+ 50 Percent Off, The Fart Farmers) (Popronde Nijmegen)
2005.10.01 Subtunes, Delfzijl (+ Plastic Halo, Beautiful Desire, Orpheo)
2005.10.28 Atak, Enschede (+ Dandimite & The Fanatics, Low Point Drains, Ollie Q & The Deep Six and more) (Popronde)
2005.11.30 Vechta GER
2005.12.05 Grote Markt, Groningen
2005.12.31 Villa Friekens, Amsterdam (+ Barfight, Galbak and more)

2006.06.24 Vera Downstage, Groningen

2007.04.13 De Gloppe, Leeuwarden (+ Link, Iron Cage, LWD)
2007.05.18 Vera, Groningen (+ Heideroosjes)
2007.11.02 Simplon, Groningen
2007.11.03 Villa Friekens, Amsterdam

2008.05.09 Vera, Groningen (CD Presentatie)
2008.05.18 Steenhouwerskade, Groningen (+ Crappymeal, The Phugitive, A.A.R.S., Rush’n Attack, Disbehave)
2008.11.07 De Vinger, Den Haag
2008.12.26 Pacific Park, Amsterdam (+ The Works)

2009.10.10 Het Viadukt, Groningen (+ De Fuckups, Mad Engine, Fleas And Lice)

2010.05.30 Corner House Pub, Rathnure IRE (+ Realistic Train, Runnin’ Riot, Neifenbach, Lobotomies, Moetpiece, Crossfire, Complan, The Freebooters, Easpa Measa, Fleas And Lice, Crowd Control, Sorcery, Heresy, Momma’s Slippers, Only Fumes & Corpses) (G.G.I. Festival)

@ Vera Downstage, Groningen 24.06.2006 (Pic by Mark Scheffer)
@ Vera Downstage, Groningen 24.06.2006 (Pic by Mark Scheffer)
@ Vera Downstage, Groningen 24.06.2006 (Pic by Mark Scheffer)
@ Vera Downstage, Groningen 24.06.2006 (Pic by Mark Scheffer)
@ Vera Downstage, Groningen 24.06.2006 (Pic by Mark Scheffer)
@ Vera Downstage, Groningen 24.06.2006 (Pic by Mark Scheffer)
Koprot video