(1976 – 1979)

Bio: Club of friends from Uithuizen. Heavily inspired by the Ramones. Practise in a school opposite to the train station. Herman Brood called them The School Haters because he always saw them during skipping class. When Peter moves to London, the band splits up.

Janno Gjaltema – guitar
Peter Smidt – vocals
Wimo Alma – drums
Joop Bloem – guitar
Emiel Sikkema aka Sickamore – bass (1978-1979)

Huib aka Hubo – bass (1976-1978)

Other bands:
Emiel Sikkema – Dark Ravens Of Dance, Suburbans, Killed In Action, Viva La Muerte, Hot Willy’s Music Band, The Darlenes, Skunks
Peter Smidt – Dark Ravens Of Dance

Concerts: (selected)
1978 – Simplon, Groningen (+ Deaf Mute, Extravaganza, De Meute, Links, Lord Zero And The Bleepo Gang, Blue Heat, Simple, Fire Stones, Nurse, So What, Pearl Ash, White Honey, Triste Groupe, After Midnight)