(1977 – 1977)

Meaning Bandname: As most cartoons, movies and television series at the time ended with “The End” Hans Houting decided that would make a good band name.

Bio: From Schiedam. In the Schiedam squatters scene Peter Bijloo, Ben Lanser, Hans den Houting and Erik Verwaayen join forces with The End in April in order to play punk music a la the Ramones. They rehearse at Erik Verwaaien’s squat. When he leaves the band, Hans takes over vocals and John joins as a bassplayer. Before their first and only gig at the Quibus (nowadays known as the Grauwe Hengst) in Schiedam, Ben leaves the band because he thinks they’re not good enough. A replacement drummer is arranged. Kaar has already left by then too. The band ends in July.

Ben leaves for France in August 1977 to attend the punk festival in Mont de Marsan, after his return from France he and Kaar start the Sweathearts.

Description: Playing Ramones songs.

Hans den Houting – bass (1977-1977), vocals
Peter Bijloo aka Peer – guitar
John Bakker – bass (1977-1977)

Erik Verwaayen – vocals (1977-1977)
Ben Lanser aka The Lanz – drums (1977-1977)
Kaar van Bezooijen aka  The Buzz – guitar (1977-1977)

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1977.06 Quibus, Schiedam.

Ben Lanser, Kaar van Bezooijen, Hans Houting, John Bakker.

Source: Ben Lanser